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Care after teeth bleaching : nutrition and toothbrush

Care after teeth bleaching

Whitening your teeth ( teeth cleaning dubai ) can be an ideal idea for you if you want to look years younger than your current appearance and have a completely rejuvenated feeling after a short period of treatment, teeth whitening Dubai can remove stains and effectively Lighten your tooth ( Care after teeth bleaching ) shade and create a much brighter and brighter smile.

Do teeth stay white forever? Can teeth be recolored? How to prevent teeth from getting stained in the future? You’ve put a lot of effort into making your teeth prettier and whiter ( Care after teeth bleaching ) , so it makes sense that you want to keep them that way.
While the treatment itself is critical to getting the results you desire, what you do afterward is just as important to keeping your teeth whiter ( Care after teeth bleaching ) .


Care after teeth bleaching

Care after teeth bleaching : What should we eat after teeth bleaching? What should we not eat after teeth bleaching? We (Dental Specialist Department at Serenity Beauty Clinic) have answered all these questions in this article.

Nutrition for care after teeth bleaching

There are three effective factors in the darkening of your teeth, which are dyes, tannins and acids. These agents are found in many common foods and can stain or weaken tooth enamel ( Care after teeth bleaching ) , making it easier for stains to stick to teeth. Although it is highly unlikely that we will eat foods that do not contain the above mentioned items at all, just remember that you only have to follow these completely for 48 hours after the treatment. This is a simple and brief sacrifice that will help you keep your white and beautiful teeth in their current state for a longer period of time.


What should be avoided?

Now that you understand why your teeth ( Care after teeth bleaching ) act, feel, and look the way they do, here’s a rundown of some things you should definitely avoid after your treatment.

All you can eat after teeth whitening care


Use a straw to drink whenever you can. ( Care after teeth bleaching ) This is a simple way to minimize contact between your teeth and the drink you consume, which in turn reduces stains.

Sensitivity or pain may occur after teeth whitening ( Care after teeth bleaching ) as mentioned above. In addition to using toothpaste for sensitive teeth, you can use over-the-counter pain medications to relieve pain.

Choose hypoallergenic lipstick ( Care after teeth bleaching ) and special lip gloss. For all women, you should be careful about the makeup products you use on your lips. If lipstick or lip gloss gets on your teeth, it can leave a permanent stain on the tooth enamel.

Brush your teeth after eating and drinking. Rinse your mouth immediately ( Care after teeth bleaching ) after every meal you eat or drink. If you are in the habit of drinking a little water while eating, rinsing and rinsing your mouth along with brushing your teeth can help reduce stains.


If you’ve gone to your dentist for professional ( Care after teeth bleaching ) teeth whitening, don’t immediately use an at-home whitening kit. You want to wait at least a month or two to prevent your teeth from weakening too much. Remember in life everything is in balance!

Daily care of teeth

Following the first few days after teeth whitening ( Care after teeth bleaching ) , aftercare is done as part of your regular routine. You should brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each day. Drink water after each meal to prevent teeth staining and to wash food down, and chew sugar-free gum to increase your saliva, which also helps remove food from the mouth ( Care after teeth bleaching ) . If you want to keep your teeth stain-free for a long time, you may want to consider quitting smoking. We know how bad smoking is for your overall health, but the other downside is that nicotine stains your teeth and turns them yellow over time. Flossing regularly should also be a key component of your oral health and can help keep your teeth white ( Care after teeth bleaching ) .

Visit the dentist regularly and on the designated days

Another part of the follow-up care for white teeth is visiting the dentist regularly. Regular checkups allow you to clean and polish your ( Care after teeth bleaching ) teeth to remove any stains. By having the correct daily oral hygiene habits and visiting the dentist regularly, you can help maintain a beautiful smile and the beauty of your white teeth. If stains become a problem again in the future, you may want to consider another teeth whitening procedure.

Stop smoking

Quitting smoking isn’t just good for your ( Care after teeth bleaching ) overall health. It is also good for your teeth. Nicotine and tobacco in cigarettes, pipes, and hookahs stain teeth. If you continue to smoke after your whitening treatment, your teeth will soon look dull and yellow again. If you smoke soon after your teeth whitening treatment, the tar and nicotine will get into the teeth faster. After treatment ( Care after teeth bleaching ) , you should use products that kill bacteria between your teeth and along your gum line. Your dentist can recommend the right products. Because tobacco stains are not the same as common surface stains caused by food and drink ( Care after teeth bleaching ) , smokers need regular visits to their dentist to ensure their teeth are white and shiny.


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