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Hair filler injection dubai is an injection treatment for enhancing hair. It was created solely for treating hair conditions such as hair loss.

hair filler injection dubai Marina

Best hair filler injection dubai

Best hair filler injection dubai Marina

hair filler Treatment dubai

Best hair filler injection marina

What is a hair filler

Hair fillers are a permanent way to correct areas of the scalp that are prone to baldness and hair thinning. They can create the impression of thick and illustrious hair and restore a head of hair to its former glory. Hair fillers can be done in a number of different ways and using various techniques.

Best hair filler injection Dubai
Hair Filler Treatment dubai

Benefits of hair filler :

The Hair Filler Treatment against hair loss offers many advantages, including cosmetic and therapeutic benefits with a long-term action. In particular: It increases the thickness and volume of hair and treats thinning. It increases thickness, enhances and strengthens hair against pollution, dust and mistreating.

How is hair filler done

The product is injected into the skin on the scalp using a very thin and short needle. The Hair Filler injections are not much more painful than other filler injections. Some patients experience the injections in some places in the scalp as something more sensitive or viciously.

Hair Filler injections
hair filler

Is hair filler painful

The Hair Filler injections are not much more painful than other filler injections. Some patients experience the injections in some places in the scalp as something more sensitive or viciously. In principle the treatment does not require anaesthesia.

The Results of Hair Filler Treatment

Hair filler treatment against hair loss offers many advantages, including cosmetic and therapeutic benefits with a long-term action. In particular:

  • It increases the thickness and volume of hair and treats thinning.
  • It increases thickness, enhances and strengthens hair against pollution, dust and mistreating.
  • Promotes the multiplication of scalp stem cells.
  • It is a 100% safe treatment against hair loss. It has no side effects and complications, nor is harmful to the scalp.
  • The effect lasts for relatively long periods of time.
  • It speeds up hair growth.
hair injection dubai marina

What to expect from hair filler

The first hair filler treatment session immediately stops the hair loss process. The following sessions stimulate circulation and significantly revitalise the hair follicles, accelerating hair growth. Lab studies have shown that the peptide therapy used in the hair filler treatment revitalises hair cells and hair follicles, and simultaneously stimulates blood circulation and hydration in the scalp.

During the treatment, multiple injections are administered to the scalp using an extremely fine needle. After the treatment, we will advise you on how to best care for the condition of your hair and scalp.

If you’re looking for a solution to smooth your hair and make it appear more full and lustrous, a hair filler treatment may be the right procedure to help. For more information about hair filler treatment, contact us at Serenity to book a consultation today. We’ll be happy to walk you through the entire process to see if hair filler treatment is right for you.

What is hair filler and what is the use of hair filer?
Hair filer is the first hair volumizing substance in the world. The hair filer formula contains hyaluronic acid and active peptide.

How is hair filer done?
The filler material is injected into the scalp by a syringe with a very fine needle. Immediately after the filler enters under the skin, the ingredients inside are released and activated and strengthen the skin and hair cells in a short period of time. This method prevents cell death and ensures the health of the injected area. For this reason, abnormal hair loss is stopped and treated. Filler makes hair healthy and fresh.

Blood circulation is improved by revitalizing scalp cells. Improving blood circulation provides the necessary ingredients to nourish the follicles. As a result, the follicles are stimulated and their growth rate increases.

Application and properties of hair filler ingredients
In this unique combination, seven peptides work simultaneously.

Deca peptide 18 stimulates the skin to form new follicles.
Hyaluronic acid of the reticulum brings the necessary moisture to the hair roots, stimulates fibroblasts and acts as a general protector.
Oligo peptide 54 stops hair loss and prolongs the anagenic phase of hair growth.
Deca peptide 10 (Deca peptide 10) delivers nutrients to the skin and hair roots.
Octa peptide 2 protects hair cells against stress, harmful UV rays and other dangerous factors.
Octa peptide 11 (Octa peptide 11) causes collagen formation.
Oligo peptide 71 (Oligo peptide 71) helps Oligo peptide 54 (Oligo peptide 54) in the treatment of hair loss.
For whom is scalp filler injection suitable?
People whose hair is thin and weak.
Strengthen hair growth
Increase in volume and thickness of hair
A complementary treatment for hair loss
Prevent the development of baldness in men and women
Those who have done hair transplantation
Increasing the effectiveness of hair transplantation
What are the properties of hair filler?
Due to living conditions, pollution, color, use of hair dryers and hair irons, hair damage is inevitable. For this reason, dryness and splitting of hair is a natural thing. hair filer helps to solve these problems.

This product is used to prevent hair loss, strengthen hair follicles and accelerate hair growth. hair filer delivers substances such as growth factors, necessary enzymes, minerals and vitamins to the roots of the hair. Choosing hair filer is the best option for people who have weak and fragile hair.

How many sessions of filler injection are necessary?
Usually a course of 4 sessions every two weeks is needed. The number of more sessions is determined according to the doctor’s opinion, which depends on the severity of the skin and hair problems of the person. To see the overall result of hair filer injection, it takes about 15 days after completing all the sessions.

Advantages of using hair filler:
Increase the number and length of hair
Suppression of genes associated with hair loss
It has biphasic and monophasic physical properties.

Maybe you are one of those people who have recently noticed slight hair loss on the front, sides, or middle of the head and would like to address it before the loss becomes more widespread. In such cases, the use of permanent hair loss treatment drugs or hair transplantation cannot be a suitable solution; Because the level of shedding is not so extensive that there is a need to spend a lot of money for its treatment, and you can go for more effective and cheaper treatment solutions such as hair filer or hair filer.

Continuous use of hair dryers and hair irons, hair dyeing, or pollution in the environment are some of the factors that can damage your hair and cause it to thin and eventually fall out. In some people, the level of shedding is much wider and can lead to partial or total baldness; But in some cases, this loss will reduce the density of hair and make them thinner. In such cases, using hair filer will be the best solution for hair loss treatment. In this article, we provide explanations about hair filler dubai and their features.

What is hair filer?
Various factors such as smoking, poor diet, stress and continuous use of chemical products or thermal hair conditioners can cause hair thinning and hair loss. hair filer is a 24-hour doctor who works on hair regrowth and strengthening them to completely fill the empty parts of the head and make your face more attractive and younger than before by increasing the thickness of the hair.

hair filer is a gel-like substance that contains all the nutrients needed for hair regrowth, including biomimetic, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. These substances help to strengthen hair roots and will treat hair loss with female and male patterns and even genetic hair loss. hair filler is used for people who have thin and thin hair and want to have thicker and more beautiful hair. This treatment method creates a protective layer around the hair follicles to protect them from dangerous factors such as stress, sunlight and environmental pollution.

hair filler dubai is an injectable substance that is injected under the scalp with micro-injection technique, and after penetrating the hair roots, it will strengthen the hair follicles and re-grow hair. In fact, the hyaluronic acid contained in the ingredients of this substance hydrates the hair and stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen. In addition, these substances improve the blood circulation in the scalp and while maintaining the elasticity and rejuvenation of this area, they also help the follicles to function better. These substances not only cause hair to grow again, but they will also be a solution to prevent the spread of hair loss and stop it.
Why use hair filler dubai?
hair filer can solve hair problems in three general phases; By solving these problems, people’s self-confidence will increase and the beauty of their faces will double.

Strengthening hair roots and taking care of it
For reasons such as aging or hormonal changes, the hair tissue may become thinner and the hair may appear thinner than it is. Using hair filer helps to regenerate your hair and strengthens it from the inside due to the presence of many nutritious compounds. This makes the hair look fuller than before and has a great impact on the attractiveness of your face. In addition, this substance completely strengthens the hair and by inhibiting free radicals, it increases the hair’s resistance against harmful and damaging factors such as sunlight and environmental pollution.

Hair regrowth
Using hair filler dubai makes the empty areas fill again; In fact, the nutrients in it completely strengthen the roots of the hair in these parts so that new hair appears again. This will make the hair growth line normal again and will not allow the hair in different parts of the head to grow unevenly and asymmetrically.

Preventing re-shedding and durability of results
hair filler dubai does not affect the hair only at the time of injection; After completing the treatment period, its nutrients will remain in the hair roots for a long time and strengthen them. Due to this issue, you can easily imagine having permanent and attractive hair, and you no longer need to worry about hair loss again.
How to treat hair loss with hair filer
After injecting the hair filer into the scalp, the active substances that strengthen the roots gradually spread in the scalp and reach the roots. These substances supply the nutrients needed by hair follicles 24 hours a day and last up to 2 weeks after each injection. Injecting filler under the skin in the long term improves the conditions of the hair roots and prevents damage to the hair follicles. These substances target the main cause of hair loss in men and women, which is actually the weakness of the roots and the thinness or fragility of hair, so that people can experience better hair growth in a short time.

hair filer contains 7 main compounds to strengthen hair, and we will provide explanations about the properties of each of them.

Hyaluronic acid: This substance hydrates the hair follicles and by maintaining their moisture, it will prevent the hair from becoming brittle during combing or massaging. It also stimulates fibroblasts to give you soft and silky hair.
Oligo Peptide 54: This substance stops hair loss and targets the factors that cause it. Despite this composition in the hair filer, the hair will no longer become thin and brittle, and the elimination of the factors that cause hair loss will reduce the speed of hair thinning and even end the bitter nightmare of hair loss.

Deca Peptide 10: This substance nourishes the scalp and hair roots; In this way, the dryness of the scalp will be prevented. In addition, maintaining the elasticity of the scalp improves hair growth and makes hair styling easier.
Deca Peptide 18: This substance stimulates the scalp to produce follicular cells. This issue will increase the thickness of thinning hair and is the reason for the growth of new hair in the vacant areas.
Octa Peptide 2: This substance will protect hair cells against stress, harmful UV rays and other external factors that damage hair follicles. In fact, this substance creates a protective layer around the stem so that it is less damaged when using thermal hair styling tools or other chemical agents.
Octa Peptide 11: This substance stimulates the hair roots to produce new collagen; In this way, the softness and softness of the hair will increase. Also, the increase in collagen in the hair makes the hair thicker and helps in the regrowth of lost hair.
Oligo Peptide 71 (Oligo Peptide 71): This substance protects hair pigments and prevents premature graying. This is the reason why using hair filers can give you youth. Of course, this substance, along with oligopeptide 54, also prevents hair loss.

Who can use hair filer?
Ideal candidates for using hair filer are women and men who have weak, thin and brittle hair. These people may suffer from a type of alopecia, such as androgenic alopecia, and would like to achieve their desired results in a shorter time and at a much lower cost than the cost of hair transplantation.

Since most hair transplant methods are not suitable for women, they prefer to use hair filer; Because in this treatment method, there is no limitation in terms of hair loss pattern and different people can use it as a safe treatment solution. Of course, note that this method is not suitable for the treatment of extensive baldness or regrowth of hair in burned or damaged areas, and is only used to strengthen weakened follicles and regrowth of hair in areas where the growth line has receded or is empty.

In addition, hair filer will be suitable for people who have transplanted their hair and intend to strengthen and help them grow by providing the right nutrients to the newly transplanted follicles. The minerals in the filler make the condition of fresh follicles and improve their growth rate. It can also affect the results of hair transplantation and reduce the possibility of its failure. In general, this method is suitable for the following people.

People who are unhappy with their hair density and would like to have thicker hair.
People who have hair loss in the front of the head, temples or in the middle of the head.
Those who want their hair to grow faster.
People with weak and brittle hair.
Men and women whose hair is damaged due to the use of chemical hair dyes or heat styling tools.
Those who have done hair transplant and want to strengthen their hair after transplant.
People who are undergoing basic hair loss treatments and want to increase their effects.
People with androgenic alopecia.
People who have lost their hair due to hormonal problems, sudden weight loss and stress.
Benefits of hair filer treatment
Treatment with hair filer has long-term results and relieves you from hair loss for a long time. In addition, by strengthening the roots of the hair, it helps to grow them again and makes you have more attractive and beautiful hair. In addition, the use of this treatment method has other advantages, which we will explain below.

hair filer increases the thickness and volume of hair and treats their thinness and fragility.
Increasing the thickness of the hair and strengthening its roots and stems will increase the resistance of the hair against pollution, dust and sunlight.
Nutrients in hair filer help the proliferation of scalp stem cells; As a result, after use, the density of the hair will be higher and the quality of the new hair will be higher than before.
hair filer is a safe treatment method for hair loss in the area and has no side effects. Using it will not harm the skin and will even strengthen it.
The effects of hair filer treatment are long-lasting, and people will achieve their desired results with only a few treatment sessions.
hair filer accelerates hair loss, and for this reason, it is considered a suitable treatment for women who like long hair.
hair filer helps to strengthen dry and damaged hair.
The genes that cause hair loss will be eliminated to a large extent by using hair filers.
Who cannot use filler injections?
Filler injections do not cause problems for people who have general health; But people who are in sensitive groups should take necessary precautions in this regard and avoid doing this as much as possible. Sensitive groups are people who fall into one of the following categories.

Pregnant women
People with autoimmune diseases
People with active skin diseases in the scalp area
People with sensitive and inflamed scalp
People who use anticoagulants.
Where is the best place to inject hair filer?
hair filer injection is one of the low-risk treatment methods for hair loss and can bring people to their desired results in a short time. But if it is done in an unreliable clinic by unqualified people, it may cause risks for people. At the White House Clinic, filler injections are performed by the best specialists and the most professional doctors. In this clinic, the best hair filer brand available in the market is used, and you can safely visit this clinic to have more attractive and thicker hair.

Number of sessions required for hair filer treatment
The number of sessions required for hair filer treatment and its injection dose depends on the individual’s condition, the type and quality of the current hair and the level of hair loss. On average, each person usually needs three treatment sessions, which are about 15 days apart. Of course, in some people, these sessions may take up to 2 or even 4 months to reach the desired density. Clinical research has shown that in most people, after 8 weeks, hair density has clearly increased and their thickness has also increased significantly compared to the condition before the treatment.

What should be done after hair filer injection?
After the hair filer injection, do the following care so that you don’t have any complications and you can go about your activities without any problems. Finally, by completing the treatment sessions, thick and attractive hair is what will remain for you.

Don’t leave the house as much as possible, and if you have to, don’t expose your hair to direct sunlightCover with iodine.
Do not wash your hair or bathe for 24 hours after injection.
Avoid wearing a hat or wearing a scarf.
With the doctor’s permission, use devices such as hair dryers, hair irons or other hair styling tools.
Postpone hair coloring until the treatment is complete.
Massage the scalp very gently to distribute the filler evenly in different parts of the scalp.
To increase the strengthening power, use Plow Baum’s solution (be sure to consult your doctor regarding the use of this solution.)

Is it possible to inject hair filer at home?
Determining the required dose for filler injection is the responsibility of the specialist doctor and he must make sure that this treatment method is suitable for the person. In addition, hair filer injection is a very specialized work and must be done in a reputable clinic by a skilled doctor. The important thing is that the microinjection method is used to inject filler into different parts of the scalp, which is a specialized method. The needle used in this method is very thin and should not touch the nerves in the scalp. For this reason, the doctor’s skill in choosing the injection site and how to perform the injection is very important.

How much does hair filer injection cost?
Determining the injection cost depends on the brand of hair filer and the required dose; For this reason, its value cannot be definitely determined. In addition, some personal conditions of the applicant may also affect the cost of work. In any case, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor first and think about its costs after making sure that this method is suitable for you. Of course, after seeing the results, you will realize that paying for this treatment is completely worth it.

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