rabbit tooth composite

What is rabbit tooth composite?

What is rabbit tooth composite and what are its advantages and disadvantages? The steps of the rabbit composite and its difference with orthodontics and rabbit laminate + photo. Did you know that rabbit tooth composite is one of the newest services that the advancement of the science of dentistry-beauty has brought to humanity? Do you …

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what is mesoneedling

what is mesoneedling

mesoneedling is known as one of today’s methods among needling processes, which, just like meso needling, increases the level of collagen production and restores and rejuvenates the skin. Mesoneedling is composed of two words “Meso” which is the beginning of the word mesoderm and “Needling” which means needling. Read More : Hydrafacial Dubai Meso needling …

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hair loss

What is the cause of hair loss?

Follicles form the base of hair, and blood vessels are responsible for feeding hair follicle cells and delivering hormones that control hair growth and structure. It is worth noting that hair growth happens in three different stages, starting from growth; phase, transition phase and then rest phase. In this article, in addition to the problems …

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loose teeth

loose teeth : causes , Treatments

In this article, we discuss the causes of loose teeth, its effects, and the measures that can be taken to fix this problem. Reasons for loose permanent teeth. Some physical signs and symptoms in the mouth and teeth can be warning signs of more serious problems in your oral health or general health. One of …

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