rabbit tooth composite

What is rabbit tooth composite?

What is rabbit tooth composite and what are its advantages and disadvantages? The steps of the rabbit composite and its difference with orthodontics and rabbit laminate + photo.

Did you know that rabbit tooth composite is one of the newest services that the advancement of the science of dentistry-beauty has brought to humanity? Do you suffer from having rabbit teeth and cannot use orthodontics? Do not worry. Dental composite is one of the best treatments for rabbit teeth without orthodontics.

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What is a rabbit tooth?

Hare’s tooth is a slang term that has become popular among people. When the teeth of the upper jaw are crooked, bent and not in the same line, or in better words, the front teeth of the upper jaw are further and larger than normal, so to speak, it is said that the teeth of this person are rabbit shaped. A person whose teeth shape is like this, his upper and lower jaw teeth do not overlap.

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Many people, from children to adults, are thinking of doing composite teeth every year because sometimes the front teeth are so irregular and big that they take away all the charm of a person’s face and cause problems in chewing and speaking. Therefore, with the methods of correcting rabbit teeth, the person’s teeth are completely aligned and his beautiful smile is restored.

Sometimes this disproportion between the teeth is not only ugly and problematic, but it also makes the person’s smile look more beautiful, that’s why some people repair their smile line with the rabbit teeth composite method.

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Causes of rabbit teeth

Causes of rabbit teeth

Before dealing with the treatment and restoration of rabbit teeth, we must get to know the reasons for its occurrence. This problem can arise for the patient from childhood to adulthood. There are various reasons for the teeth to become crooked, which we will explain:

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Heredity can be one of the main reasons for people’s teeth becoming crooked, because the shape of the jaw, like other hereditary factors, can be passed from one generation to another. If the parents have protruding teeth, it is likely that their child will also have crooked teeth.

Thumb sucking:

Sucking the thumb and pacifier in children over 5 years old can also have an effect on the tooth decay. After children’s permanent teeth develop, thumb sucking can affect tooth alignment and may lead to tooth loss.

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Rolling the tongue over the front teeth:

According to the AAPD website, if a person continuously presses her tongue on the front teeth, it actually deviates from its natural pattern and causes the natural shape of the front teeth to change.

Interdental distance:

The presence of a gap between the teeth or their compression can be another factor for the teeth to become crooked. Some people have tumors and cysts inside their mouths, these tumors and cysts can cause the teeth to not grow at the right angle.

Natural balance:

Sometimes, naturally, one’s teeth protrude. In this case, almost nothing can be done to prevent this from happening, but if the tooth decay causes the children’s jaws to become smaller or crooked, it can be prevented to some extent by performing orthodontics.

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Tooth crowding or loss:

When a tooth is lost and not replaced, over time, other teeth will be replaced and this can affect the appearance of rabbit teeth. On the other hand, when the teeth are too crowded and there is not enough space for other teeth to grow, it causes problems in aligning the teeth and making them crooked.

In all the cases mentioned, the shape of the teeth should be changed with the methods of correcting rabbit teeth such as dental composite, dental laminate and orthodontics.


Why should rabbit teeth be repaired?

Dentists recommend that as long as the patient’s crooked and protruding teeth do not cause damage to his oral health, there is no need for treatment and restoration, but if you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, the story is different. Teeth are the most important part of the body, which has a great impact on the beauty of people.

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Because of this effect, many people are looking for cosmetic procedures to beautify their teeth. Rabbit tooth repair is not an exception to this rule, and it is necessary to solve this problem by performing cosmetic procedures such as composite and laminate, and the teeth will be beautiful and one-handed.

What is rabbit composite?

One of the best and most reliable methods of repairing protruding and irregular teeth is composite teeth. For rabbit composite, the dentist needs to fill the damaged tooth surfaces using special materials. To fill the damaged parts of the tooth, special materials are placed in those parts using a special ray.

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After these materials are placed on the teeth, the dentist shaves and polishes these materials so that they become smooth and uniform like other teeth. In this way, the form and shape of your teeth will be restored with rabbit composite without shaving the tooth enamel.

benefits of rabbit tooth composite

There are many methods to correct crooked teeth, including lamination, orthodontics, and teeth grinding, but composite crooked teeth are more popular because of the advantages of this method. The benefits of rabbit tooth composite are:

High speed:
The speed of composite can be considered the main advantage of rabbit teeth composite. In this method, composite veneer work is completed in just one session. In addition, there is no need to go through the recovery period and you can use the teeth and eat with them immediately after the rabbit composite.

Natural appearance:
If the rabbit tooth composite operation is performed by a skilled dentist, the result will be very natural. Of course, the skill of the dentist is not enough, and first-class materials and the best brands must be used for rabbit composite.

No need for jaw surgery:
Another advantage of rabbit tooth composite is its lack of jaw surgery. In order to perform a standard dental composite, it was necessary to operate the person’s gums, in which case the person would suffer a lot of pain and bleeding, but there is no pain in this method, and the dentist can use anesthetic sprays if he/she has discretion. .

The price is right:
Reasonable cost is another advantage of this method. The price of gummy tooth composite is much lower than other cosmetic dental surgeries for people who have gummy teeth, such as laminate and orthodontics. If your teeth are damaged or broken for any reason, there is no need to worry because you can repair your damaged teeth with rabbit composite.

There is no need to shave or manipulate tooth enamel to install rabbit tooth composite. This is a great advantage for people who do not like their tooth structure to change.

Help to clean teeth:
Keeping teeth healthy is another advantage of rabbit composite. When the teeth are crooked or bent, they cannot be cleaned properly; If the teeth cannot be cleaned properly, this dirt causes tooth decay and damage. After doing the rabbit tooth composite and fixing these defects, you can easily reach different parts of the tooth and clean them.

Disadvantages of rabbit composite

Disadvantages of rabbit composite

One of the flaws that can be introduced in this method is that if the tooth needs major changes, you cannot count on the rabbit composite to fix the major defects. In such cases, using the orthodontic method is very helpful.

How is rabbit tooth composite done?

If the defects of the teeth are not excessive, the dentist will probably recommend dental composite to repair the rabbit teeth. Rabbit tooth composite steps are not much different from regular tooth composite steps. The method of treatment in this method is as follows:

  1. First, the structure of the patient’s jaw is checked. This will give the dentist an idea of how to do the rabbit composite.
  2. Rabbit tooth composites are basically resin materials that have the shape, size and color of natural teeth. The dentist puts these materials on the rabbit’s teeth and tightens them with light rays.
  3. Now it’s time to check the comfort of the patient. If the size of the composite veneer is long or if the patient has a habit of grinding his teeth, the dentist will shape these materials to create a space to place the veneers.
  4. During the dental composite process, the surface of the tooth is cleaned and polished to secure it with a veneer.

Composite alternative methods for correcting rabbit teeth

You may have a question that if you don’t want to correct your teeth with the rabbit composite method, can you use another method? The answer to this question is positive. There are three alternative methods for correcting rabbit teeth.

The first method can be called dental laminate. The second method is orthodontics and the third method is jaw surgery. In the following, we will explain more about each of these methods and compare them with the rabbit composite method. Leave the choice of which method is more suitable for you to your dentist to suggest the best method.

Is rabbit tooth composite better or rabbit laminate?

Each of these methods, along with the countless advantages they have, also has shortcomings. Dental laminate is generally stronger than composite because it is made of better materials and has a more natural appearance, but the disadvantages of rabbit laminate include the need to shave tooth enamel and its higher price.

Usually, each person’s jaw has its own unique structure, and it is not possible to prescribe a general prescription for all people, for whom laminate or composite veneer is better. It is better to leave the diagnosis of this case to your dentist so that you can get the best result.

The difference between rabbit composite and orthodontics

Since ancient times, the orthodontic method has been mentioned as a method that corrects misalignment and crowding of teeth. Dentists usually recommend orthodontics to people who are young to solve the problem of crooked teeth. Of course, it is possible to use orthodontics for people who are older, but the treatment process will be longer. Orthodontics causes the teeth to move over time.

The differences between the rabbit composite method and orthodontics can be expressed as follows.

  • The period of treatment of rabbit tooth by orthodontic method is much longer than rabbit tooth composite.
  • The second difference can also be seen in the appearance of these beauty practices. In the orthodontic method, because the metal brackets are attached to the tooth, the tooth will have a pleasant appearance.
  • In addition to the unpleasant appearance, chewing food and talking also have their own difficulties.
  • Regarding the cost, we should also say that the price of rabbit composite is much higher than rabbit tooth orthodontics.
  • The last point is that if the teeth are too far apart, orthodontics should be used because this is a better method than dental composite to correct the tooth structure.

Care after rabbit composite

After composite veneer is done, to increase the life of this method, it is necessary to do a series of dos and don’ts. If you don’t follow these things, the life of your rabbit tooth composite will be shorter, and you won’t be able to see your desired result. The care after a rabbit composite is no different from other dental composites. Just follow the following:

  • The first and most important thing about taking care of the rabbit composite is to never use your teeth as tools.
  • After dental composite, do not break hard food such as almonds and walnuts with your teeth.
  • If you are among the people who have the habit of biting your nails or clenching your teeth; Say goodbye to these habits to increase the lifespan of your composite teeth.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol because it will leave an adverse effect on your teeth.
  • Since the composite is dyeable and quickly takes on the color of food, avoid drinking or consuming foods that have a high percentage of color. These drinks include coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc. If you use these materials, clean your teeth quickly so that the composite does not change color.
  • In the end, never skip brushing and flossing your teeth because it is the most important reason for your teeth to stay healthy.