What is cellulite?

Anyone can develop cellulite, regardless of size. Put simply, it occurs as a result of bulged up fat deposits under the skin, causing lumpy irregularities mainly over the buttocks, thighs and stomachs of many women (although it can also affect some men). When these fat cells build up between connective tissues, it pulls on and protrudes through different areas on the dermis layer of skin; causing those pesky dimples.

Anti Cellulite Massage Dubai
Anti cellulite Massage

How to get rid of cellulite?

Although there’s no miracle cure for cellulite, there are ways to help reduce it. Firstly, having optimal body weight can help make the dimples less obvious – so a regular exercise regime can make the appearance of cellulite better. However, exercise can only go so far – another great way of combating the dreaded skin condition and targeting problem areas is with a massage. These work by breaking up fat deposits by alternatively pinching and squeezing them, rolling the fat away from connective tissues. In turn, this reduces the bulged surface of the skin and makes everything look smoother.

No matter which massage technique is applied, the main focus of cellulite massage is to spread these fat deposits out. But it also helps by stimulating the tissues around cellulite formations, boosting blood circulation and lymphatic functions.

Normally, a massage will start from the feet and go up the body to increase blood flow through the peripheral veins and capillaries of your circulatory system.

What is an anti cellulite massage?

Anti cellulite massage is designed to reduce and combat cellulite over a period of continued therapy. A special massage technique is used to massage the bulging fat and to knead the muscles and “roll” the bulging fat away thereby combating the physical cause of cellulite – bulging fat and stretched collagen strands.

cellulite massage
Anti cellulite Massage Dubai

Will massaging legs help cellulite?

Massage may reduce cellulite by improving lymphatic drainage. It can also help stretch your skin tissue. This may help stretch out cellulite dimples too.

How often should you do anti cellulite massage?

For more lasting results, it is recommended to undergo a number of sessions – generally, 10 sessions is what slimming experts recommend for a toner and firmer cellulite free body.

anti cellulite massage

Can you permanently get rid of cellulite?

There is no way to get rid of cellulite completely. However, some treatments are available that may reduce its appearance. For more information on cellulite treatment, contact our specialist at Serenity Beauty Clinic.

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