Slimming Clinic in Dubai : Inbody , LPG , Velashape , Anti-Cellulite massorge , Cooltech (fat freezing) , Emsculpt , Evolve , Meso slimming SERVISES in dubai marina

Slimming Clinic in Dubai By Serenity

Slimming Clinic in Dubai Marina

Best Slimming Clinic in Dubai

Best Slimming Clinic in Dubai Marina

Slimming Clinic in Dubai price

devices Slimming Clinic in Dubai

Accurate breakdown of weight into muscle, fat, water and even their blance in your body

Inbody Scan in Dubai

This technology smoothe cellulite,tightens the skin and contouring (shapes) the body

velashape is a non invasive body contouring treatment for circumferential and cellulite reduction

Velashape 3
Anti Cellulite Massage Dubai

A technique to reduce cellulite by breaking up fat and increasing blood und oxygen flow

A treatment for permanent fat reduction without surgery

CoolTech fat Freezing Dubai Marina
emsculpt treatment dubai

shaping your body by reducing fat and increasing (30%_ 40%) muscte mass (immediately after treatment)

Remove Fat, rightens skin and builds muscle without the use of invasive surgery

Evolve Nonsurgical Treatment Dubai
Mesotherapy for slimming

Meso slimming :

For more fitness by reducing

fat and cellulite by injecting

encymes, vitamins, hormones and


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