What is Hollywood Smile

What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile is an aesthetic dental treatment that aims to eliminate all your worries by arranging your teeth and making you smile from ear to ear. The secret to a perfect smile is its sincerity. Proportional teeth, gums and lips make your smile flawless. With Hollywood Smile, you can get the smile of your dreams …

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what is hydrafacial

what is HydraFacial , How it Works ?

what is hydrafacial : A HydraFacial Dubai is a patented skin treatment available in medical spas and dermatology offices. It’s also sometimes called “hydradermabrasion” because it involves microdermabrasion-like exfoliation paired with hydrating serums. Does HydraFacials work? HydraFacial is an invented skin treatment that is offered in spa and skin treatment offices. It is also sometimes called …

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العلاج عن طريق الحقن الوريدي

العلاج عن طريق الحقن الوريدي , الحقن الوريدي للفيتامينات

العلاج عن طريق الحقن الوريدي (يُشار إليه اختصارًا باسم العلاج الوريدي) هو تقنية طبية توصل السوائل والأدوية والتغذية مباشرة إلى وريد الشخص. ما هو العلاج عن طريق الحقن الوريدي ؟ العلاج الوريدي هو طريقة لتوصيل السوائل والأدوية. “IV” تعني الحقن الوريد ، مما يعني أنها تدار من خلال الأوردة. يتم توصيل السائل الذي يحتوي على فيتامينات …

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Filler or Botox for upper lip

Filler or Botox for upper lip

While filler injection is commonly used to address concerns related to the lips, Botox is necessary to treat more complex issues such as vertical lips lines that result from movement as opposed to simple volume loss. lip filler or botox ( wrinkle injection ) ?!!! What is Botox? Botox is a purified form of the …

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Botox in Dubai marina

Botox in Dubai marina

Best Botox in Dubai marina Botox Treatment Botox in Dubai marina : At serenity aesthetic and slimming poly clinic, we are equipped with the vast range of highly advanced tools and Equipments that can increase the efficacy of our treatment. After analyzing your facial features, we will make proper treatment plan according to your profile …

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Hydrafacial 5 major benefits

HydraFacial 5 major benefits Everybody wants a lighter, more lovely, smooth skin like the face of an infant. The problem is that few of us are capable or willing to endure the discomfort and downtime of profound treatments for the skin. However, we also want the advantages. HydraFacials is the latest treatment of your choosing …

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