teeth bleaching

Advantages and disadvantages of teeth bleaching

There are many reasons why teeth bleaching is so popular. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits and side effects of teeth bleaching.

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The mouth and teeth are the most prominent feature of the face and a perfect smile can be worth a thousand words. Research has shown that a beautiful smile with clean teeth gives a person more self-confidence and increases the chances of success in finding a life partner.

However, many of us are more sensitive to our teeth and smiles, and this is one of the reasons for teeth whitening and has made it the most popular dental cosmetic procedure.

Does teeth bleaching work

Does teeth bleaching work?

There are various methods such as using over-the-counter products to whiten teeth, but it is best to see a dentist for the best results. The products that dentists use for teeth bleaching are safer and the results show faster than over-the-counter products. Sometimes a dentist may use different methods such as laser teeth bleaching or trays filled with gel (Terry) or a combination of whitening techniques. Determining the exact method depends on the extent of tooth discoloration.

7 reasons to whiten teeth

Over time, almost all people see the natural accumulation of organic pigments on their teeth. Colored proteins from the color of coffee, tea and other foods simply darken the white and natural color of the teeth. On the other hand, the use of tobacco, antibiotic drugs and certain minerals accelerates the process of changing the color of the teeth. But there is no need to worry because yellow teeth can be easily removed. People bleach their teeth for many reasons. 7 main reasons for teeth bleaching are:

Discoloration and dullness of teeth

teeth bleaching can correct discoloration due to plaque build-up, tartar, or other oral health concerns.

Special occasions

teeth bleaching is a great way to ensure a beautiful and healthy smile for a special occasion. You can use teeth bleaching before holding ceremonies such as weddings, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, graduation parties and decorate your appearance in the best possible way.

job interview

Your smile can have a huge impact on your job interview. Smiling during an interview has many benefits. Having a bright and healthy smile can help you exude confidence, energy, and enthusiasm.

Effects of aging

With age, tooth enamel may wear down and cause tooth discoloration or oral hygiene problems. teeth bleaching is a good way to remove the effects of aging and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

Effects of smoking

Smoking can damage your teeth and increase the likelihood of oral health problems such as plaque and bacteria on the teeth or discoloration and dullness of the teeth. With the help of teeth bleaching, the effects of smoking on the teeth and their darkening can be removed and a beautiful and healthier smile can be found.

increasing the self confiedence

Your smile plays an important role in your self-confidence. teeth bleaching can make your smile more beautiful and subsequently increase your self-confidence level.

Diet options

People whose diet includes consuming a lot of coffee, tea or alcohol are likely to get stains on their teeth over time. teeth bleaching can fight stains caused by eating certain foods and help brighten your smile.

Benefits of teeth whitening by a dentist

Benefits of teeth whitening by a dentist

Teeth whitening

When it comes to cloudy and stained teeth, there are usually two types of problems: external darkening and internal darkening of the tooth. Extrinsic clouding occurs in the enamel, but internal clouding occurs inside the tooth. With the help of non-prescription products, you can remove the discoloration and external dullness of the tooth, but to remove the internal darkness of the tooth, the help of a dentist is needed.

More comfort

When you decide to visit a dentist to whiten your teeth, he will design trays suitable for the condition of your teeth so that they fit completely inside the mouth. Placing these trays inside the mouth brings a series of sensitivity and discomfort. Over-the-counter treatment options have a fixed-size tray that does not fit everyone and often causes certain problems.

Get results faster

Although over-the-counter whitening products have been proven to produce significant results, they often take weeks or even months to show results. However, in each tooth whitening session by the dentist, between 4 and 9 shades of teeth become white and transparent.

No sensitivity

Another common problem with whitening products without teeth whitening is that, in most cases, the teeth become sensitive and painful after using these materials. However, if bleaching is done by a professional dentist, it will not cause any discomfort or sensitivity.

Greater security factor

In addition to causing tooth sensitivity, the use of non-copy bleaching kits also causes irritation and damage to the gums. Although this irritation and damage to the gums is temporary, it definitely shows how healthy the product used for oral hygiene is.

Complications of unprofessional bleaching

Although teeth bleaching is a non-invasive and almost painless method and is considered completely safe, there are risks and considerations that you should be aware of. Some of the possible side effects of teeth bleaching are:

  • Sensitivity of teeth and gums, especially in case of using very strong whitening agents.
  • burning gums
  • If the whitening agent enters the tooth through a crack or an unfilled cavity, it can be very painful and cause internal damage to the tooth. In such cases, it may be necessary to denerve the tooth.
  • Another possible side effect of teeth bleaching is the lack of results. This happens especially when whitening strips are used and the person’s teeth are crooked or their teeth overlap. This is because these strips are not able to access all the different parts of the tooth enamel, and as a result, some parts of the tooth may become whiter than other parts.
  • Excessive whitening of teeth: Some people are very sensitive to the level of brightness of their teeth, so they whiten them too much. In some cases, this causes gum irritation and sometimes pain.

Does bleaching have side effects for everyone

Does bleaching have side effects for everyone?

Teeth bleaching is the fastest and easiest way to change the appearance, and at the same time it does not cost much. These benefits not only improve your appearance but also benefit your health. You should keep in mind that teeth whitening will brighten your smile immediately, but this is not the only benefit, and think about its long-term effects as well. Therefore, in order to have a white and beautiful smile, it is necessary to brush your teeth daily, floss your teeth and visit the dentist regularly for examination. Teeth whitening, if done correctly, is a great way to improve your smile, boost your confidence, and create a happy, healthy appearance. However, before choosing any type of method to whiten your teeth, be it with the help of over-the-counter products or teeth whitening at home or even at the dentist, it is recommended that you first consult with your dentist and ask him if using Whether teeth bleaching is right for you or not.

Who is not suitable for teeth bleaching?

There are some people who should not use teeth bleaching products. This group of people includes patients whose teeth have become transparent as a result of part of the aging process, people who are sensitive to peroxide or other chemicals used in teeth whitening, patients whose teeth and gums are very sensitive and may use substances The chemicals used in the teeth whitening process can irritate their teeth and gums, and women who are pregnant and breastfeeding and there has not been enough research on the effect of whitening agents on the fetus or infants should not use teeth bleaching. It is also better to know that not all types of tooth stains can be removed with the help of bleaching. Teeth that have suffered internal damage, as well as teeth that have fluorosis (some people live in areas where water fluoride is higher than normal), and people with mineral stains may not benefit from teeth whitening at all. They will not answer. Therefore, it is better to go to the dentist first and ask him to examine your teeth and see if bleaching is suitable for you or not.

How long does tooth bleaching last?

Teeth bleaching is not a permanent method and its duration will vary depending on your age, genetics and lifestyle. Smoking and consuming food, using drinks containing tannins such as coffee and orange juice can cause stains to return quickly on the teeth.

How often should teeth bleaching be done?

teeth bleaching too soon increases the risk of side effects such as tooth sensitivity and tooth enamel and gum damage. But there is no official rule on how to make teeth bleaching safe. For this reason, be sure to listen to your dentist’s advice and always follow the instructions on the product. In some people, the durability of tooth bleaching disappears after only one month, while in others, it may last even up to a year, and after a year, they can whiten their teeth again.