Botox in Dubai marina

Botox in Dubai marina

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Botox Treatment

Botox in Dubai marina : At serenity aesthetic and slimming poly clinic, we are equipped with the vast range of highly advanced tools and Equipments that can increase the efficacy of our treatment.

After analyzing your facial features, we will make proper treatment plan according to your profile and skin texture.We recommend the safest Botox treatments as per your needs.

What is Botox ???

Botulinum Toxin type A, often referred to as Botox is an injectable treatment that can be used to temporarily reduce or eliminate the appearance of facial fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is an FDA-approved treatment for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

In aesthetice Botox USED for :

  • Smooth frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead furrows, bunny
  • lines, and lip lines
  • Improve appearance of chin dimpling
  • Diminish the appearance of neck bands
  • Lift the corners of the mouth
  • Improve a gummy smile
  • Correct a square jawline

How Botox Works

Botox works by temporarily paralyzing nerve signals and muscle contractions leading to the improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox can also be used as a preventative cosmetic treatment as it can slow the formation of new lines by preventing contraction of the facial muscles.
Although Botox injections seem like a simple procedure, it is actually both science and art combined into one. That is why it should only be done by a skilled healthcare professional such as a dermatologist, nurse or a Plastic Surgeon. The human face has 43 muscles and that is why the person performing the injections should have knowledge about them and where they are exactly located so as to avoid mishaps and pinpoint the correct spots to optimize your desired results.

Why its done ???

Botox injection block certain chemical signals from nerves, mostly signals that cause muscles to contract. The most common use of these injections is to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes. Botox injections are also used to treat conditions that affect how the body functions.
Examples include:
Hyperhidrosis. In this condition, excessive sweating occurs even when the temperature isn’t hot and you’re not exerting yourself.

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, can be kept at bay for 9 to 18 months, with the longevity varying from person
to person with a Botox treatment. Lazy eye. The most common cause of lazy eye is an imbalance in the muscles responsible for positioning the eye. Muscle contractures. Some neurological conditions, such as
cerebral palsy, can cause your limbs to pull in toward your center.

In some cases, these contracted muscles can be relaxed with Botox injections. Chronic migraine. If you experience migraines more than 15 days a month, Botox injections may help reduce headache frequency.

Recovery of Botox Injections

Recovery of Botox Injections : You might experience some swelling and bruising at the injection sites but these fade away quickly. However, there is no downtime associated with Botox and you can resume your normal activities immediately following the treatment.
You should however avoid massaging or rubbing the treatment areas following the Botox injections as this may cause the botulinum toxin to flow to another area of your face resulting in temporary facial drooping or weakness. Also do not lie down or bend over for the next 3-4 hours following the treatment as this can cause the eyelid to droop.

Result ??

The treatment takes just 10 minutes to complete, with the results becoming visible after 3 days and the final results to be visible after 7-10 days. Though effective, the treatment is not permanent. Facial alterations are temporary due to the nonsurgical nature of Botox. Depending on the treated area, the effect may last 3 to 6 months or longer. To maintain the effect, you will need regular follow-up injections.

Does Botox Injections hurt ?

Does Botox Injections hurt : Botox injection treatment is a minimally invasive procedure and it therefore does not involve general anesthesia or incisions.
However, a topical anesthetic or ice can be used to numb the treatment area if you are concerned about the pain and discomfort though the injections can be tolerable. The treatment takes about 15 minutes to complete