Comparison of mesotherapy and hair filler

Comparison of mesotherapy and hair filler

Comparison of mesotherapy and hair filler : Maybe you have this question, what is the difference between mesotherapy and hair filler?

In this article, we discuss the uses, review and comparison of mesotherapy and hair filler. hair filler Dubai and Mesotherapy dubai

What is the use of mesotherapy?

In the past few years, one of the best methods used to treat hair loss and promote hair growth is hair mesotherapy. Cocktail mesotherapy is a combination of several different vitamins, each of which has a different effect on hair follicles. Based on the amount of hair loss of each person, the number of mesotherapy sessions varies, and all sessions must be completed for better results.

The effect of minoxidil in mesotherapy

Minoxidil, which is injected into the scalp along with mesotherapy, stimulates the hair growth phase and strengthens hair growth. This drug is also used locally, but its subcutaneous injection is more effective. In previous years, minoxidil was used as a blood pressure medicine, but doctors noticed its effect on increasing hair growth, and for this purpose, they chose minoxidil as a complementary treatment to improve the condition of hair. In some cases, subcutaneous injection of minoxidil may cause side effects such as inflammation and itching, scaling and dandruff.

The effect of finasteride on hair loss

Finasteride, which is originally used to treat the prostate, is very helpful in treating male pattern hair loss.


Authentic mesotherapy brands

Among the reliable hair mesotherapy brands, we can mention Dermahil and Roitaker hair boosters, which combine some of these brands to prepare and inject a cocktail suitable for each person’s condition.

Dermaheal brand

Mahil hair booster is made in South Korea and is used to treat alopecia areata, excessive dryness of the scalp, hair loss and thinning hair. This booster is suitable for the hair loss pattern of women and men. This product is injected individually and can be combined with HL solution to increase effectiveness.

Roytaker brand

Roitaker hair mesotherapy under the HairCare brand is made in France. Ruitaker contains vitamins of the B family, which nourish the hair follicle along with amino acid protein synthesis. In addition to treating and reducing hair loss, this product moisturizes the scalp and hair.

Performance and effectiveness of hair filler

In order to prolong the effectiveness and durability of mesotherapy therapeutic effect, scientists and doctors added other substances such as hyaluronic acid to mesotherapy compounds, and the result became hair filler.

The effect of hair filler in the treatment of hair loss

Hair filler fills the channel of hair follicles with its special compounds and protects them from the dangers and diseases that cause hair loss. This product is prepared and produced under the DR.CYJ brand in South Korea.

The effect of hyaluronic acid in the comparison of mesotherapy and hair filler

Adding hyaluronic acid to vitamins and amino acids necessary for hair growth has increased the durability and effectiveness of hair filler compared to mesotherapy. When the subcutaneous injection of hair filler is done, the gel in it surrounds the hair follicle for two weeks, and its moisturizing effect improves the condition of the hair and reduces hair loss. The difference in the price of mesotherapy and hair filler is due to the presence of hyaluronic acid in the hair filler.

Comparison of mesotherapy and hair filler

Hair filler results are visible faster than mesotherapy. Depending on the doctor’s diagnosis, drugs such as finasteride and minoxidil may be used when treating the hair condition with mesotherapy and injected under the skin along with the necessary vitamins.

Similarities between mesotherapy and hair filler

  • Mesotherapy and hair fillers both have the necessary vitamins to promote hair growth.
  • Both are ready-made products that are injected into the scalp by special syringes in a period of 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Usually, their treatment period is several sessions with a certain time interval.
  • Mesotherapy and hair fillers are not useful for creating new hair or returning lost hair, and for this issue, the only solution is natural hair transplantation.