Dental scaling

Dental scaling steps

For those who are looking for Dental scaling, it is important to know the Dental scaling steps. We will discuss these issues in this article.

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Dental scaling

In order to prevent the accumulation of plaque on the teeth and gums and the occurrence of subsequent problems, the teeth should be decalcified. Tooth scaling is done using dental instruments or ultrasonic devices and tooth cleaning is done.

It should be said that scaling is the previous stage of bleaching with the same teeth whitening. With the disappearance of tooth yellowness, the surface of the tooth is cleaned and its roughness is removed.

Teeth whitening methods :

Procedures for dental scaling

At the Serenity Beauty Clinic in Dubai, massaging is done with the latest medical achievements and with the highest quality of equipment in the following three steps. We describe the steps of tooth scaling below.

Gum scaling and curettage

There are two methods for dental scaling , and the dentist may use both methods according to the patient’s needs.

Scaling with manual tools

In this method, because the masses cannot be seen with the eyes, the dentist has to use his sense of touch to identify the areas of plaque and sediment formation. To remove the plaques, the dentist manually removes the plaques on the teeth using a plaque catcher.

Scaling with ultrasonic

This device has a metal head whose task is to remove plaques with vibration. When using this device, water is sprayed on the teeth and at the head of the device. Spraying water is to wash the plaque from the teeth and keep the head of the device cold.

Gum curettage

After scaling and plaque removal from the tooth, the agent or agents causing the infection may still remain in the gum tissue (epithelium). In this case, by using different methods, the infected epithelium tissue is removed and the underlying layers that have healthy tissue remain. Meanwhile, healthy gum tissue is made. This method is called gingival curettage.

Dental brosage

The term dental brosage is usually used with calamity. To perform brosage, the tooth is smeared with a special paste and brosage is done by means of a rotating tool with a brush attached to its head. Brusage is usually used after scaling the teeth and to create a polished surface on the teeth and to remove stains and colors that are not very sticky.

Laser treatment

After deep cleaning of the teeth and gums, a blue laser is used to reattach the gum tissue to the tooth. In addition to reattachment, inflammation is alleviated and gum tissue heals quickly.

Benefits of dental scaling

  • Reduce decay
  • Improvement of swelling and gum inflammation
  • Prevention of exacerbation of gum diseases

These benefits last as long as plaque does not form on the tooth again. Some people need periodical scaling due to lack of proper oral hygiene.

Complications of dental scaling

Dental scaling and even deep root cleaning are not dangerous. If you are at high risk of gum infection, you may be prescribed antibiotics before and after treatment.

The false belief of loose teeth and sensitivity of teeth after scaling has become popular because in people with severe caries and long-term gum disease, which has caused the loss of the bone supporting the teeth, after scaling and removing the caries, the root of the tooth in the mouth It becomes visible and the tooth becomes sensitive to thermal stimuli, which is improved by various treatment methods and the passage of time.

The price and cost of dental scaling

The cost of dental scaling depends on the following factors.

  • Method used in treatment
  • Number of sessions required
  • The level of expertise of the dentist
  • Necessary care after treatment

In our clinic, you will be informed of this cost before the charge. In this article, we discussed the stages of dental scaling. Contact us if you need further advice +971521266664 .