Dubai skin booster injection 2022 : Profhilo is an ultra-pure, high-dose hyaluronic acid bioremodeller that is injected into the skin, acting as a hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment , skin boosters in dubai.

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What is skin booster injection

Skin boosters are an injectable treatment that is designed to deliver deep skin hydration. They’re also sometimes referred to as injections for skin quality, as they promote a natural glow and radiance. Beauty clinic dubai skin booster
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Why are skin booster injections given

With the production of new collagen and elastin, you get firm and youthful skin. Fine lines, pores and wrinkles are visibly reduced within weeks of your session. Skin booster injections also change the way light bounces off your skin. This gives you an even tone complexion and reduces skin pigmentation. Body Treatment dubai face Treatment dubai Dental Clinic dubai aesthetic clinic dubai skin boosters injection

How long do skin booster injections last

The light weight hyaluronic acid molecules writhing the skin booster will then draw in water and moisture from the body to hydrate the area of skin that has been treated. The effects of the treatment usually take up to 4 weeks and can last up to 9 months to give the skin a more plump and healthier glow.


skin booster injections
skin booster injection

Are skin boosters any good

In short, yes! They work brilliantly to target dryness, roughness and fine lines and can considerably improve tone and texture.


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Who is suitable for skin boosters

Skin boosters are suitable for anyone wanting to improve their skin. As long as you are above 18, there are no other age restrictions when it comes to skin boosters.

Are skin boosters painful?

Is treatment painful? Having Restylane Skinboosters injected into the skin can be an uncomfortable process, but is not usually painful particularly as the filler contains a local anaesthetic that minimises discomfort.

Skin Booster

Can I wash my face after skin booster?

Immediately after the injections you face will be cleaned. You should not touch your face for 6 hours. After this you may clean your skin with water and a gentle cleanser.
How many skin strengthening sessions should I do?
While you may only see results after one treatment, for optimal and lasting results, we recommend a course of 3 treatments with an interval of 2 to 4 weeks.

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