facial spot mesotherapy

facial spot mesotherapy

facial spot mesotherapy : price and side effects + photos Stay with us until the end of this article to get to know facial spot mesotherapy completely.

Mesotherapy face is a method of injecting cocktails containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other active substances into the middle layer of the skin with fine needles. To eliminate hyperpigmentation and spots on the skin, mesotherapy uses substances that reduce the process of these problems that lead to more severe blockage. Also, mesotherapy begins with natural methods of regeneration, collagen formation and new blood vessels in the skin.

Removing facial blemishes with mesotherapy

Removing facial blemishes with mesotherapy

Some mesotherapy cocktails are made with compounds that reduce unwanted pigments by controlling the amount of pigment production by melanocytes in the skin. This method can be an effective treatment for certain types of sun spots and melasma. Mesotherapy can also fade acne marks and scars. Especially if your skin surface has holes, mesotherapy like hyaluronic acid creates volume in the skin, while antioxidants and amino acids have an anti-inflammatory effect that strengthens the skin.

Benefits of removing facial blemishes with mesotherapy

If you don’t want to undergo surgery and have glowing skin using effective herbal medicines, mesotherapy is a great choice. A typical mesotherapy cocktail may contain several active ingredients to nourish, heal and rejuvenate the skin. This treatment has countless benefits, so it is considered one of the best beauty methods.

Improves skin appearance: Mesotherapy is an excellent option for those who want to have more radiant skin, especially in the face and neck area. Mesotherapy based on ingredients improves aging spots, discoloration and other skin spots. This treatment brightens and smoothes your skin color and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen to restore the softness of your skin.

Provides vitamins and other nutrients: Vitamins, serums and other nutritious compounds are injected into your skin and make your skin feel fresh and refreshed. If mesotherapy is performed by a specialist, you can be sure that the nutrients are sufficiently transferred to your skin.

Addressing a variety of skin needs: This method delivers nutrients to your skin, whether you are looking for an anti-aging drug or want to increase the glow of your face and neck skin. Mesotherapy gives your skin an energy booster and you will see its remarkable effects after the treatment.

Hydrates the skin: Mesotherapy also increases skin moisture and makes the skin plump, firm and healthy.

Who are good candidates for facial spot mesotherapy

Who are good candidates for facial spot mesotherapy?

People over the age of 18 can do mesotherapy depending on their area for treatment and health.

In general, there are no serious contraindications in relation to facial spot mesotherapy. However, people who take anticoagulants should avoid mesotherapy as they may be bruised during treatment on their skin.

Also, facial spot mesotherapy is not suitable for people with severe skin infections, herpes or allergies. Pregnant women should avoid mesotherapy for caution until the end of pregnancy.

Necessary measures before facial spot mesotherapy

According to the patient’s general health condition, doctors usually provide personal advice on how to prepare for the mesotherapy session in advance. Below is a list of the most common items that may help you prepare for mesotherapy:

  • Avoid strenuous exercise 24 hours before surgery
  • Do not be exposed to direct sunlight for a few days (about 3 to 4) before the treatment
  • If possible, avoid taking pain relievers because they may cause bruising or bleeding during the mesotherapy session.

Treatment steps for facial spots with mesotherapy

Treatment steps for facial spots with mesotherapy

Acne scars are ugly and unpleasant, but mesotherapy scar removal treatment is simple and safe. Scar areas can be filled with substances such as hyaluronic acid and the results can be seen only after 3 to 4 sessions. Scar treatment is done quickly and easily with mesotherapy. First, the skin should be cleaned well, then according to the patients’ sensitivity to pain, topical anesthetic creams can be used on the skin surface before injection. If you want to use numbing cream, use it 30 to 40 minutes before injection on the desired nostril. Only healthy skin that does not have bacterial infection can be treated. The drug is injected into the skin at certain intervals with microneedles used in mesotherapy. According to the needs of the skin, the injection may be done in deeper areas. In order to achieve the desired result, you can do more sessions with an interval of one week according to the opinion of the doctor and according to the needs of the skin.

Care after facial spot mesotherapy

During the injection, you may experience a slight burning sensation, but this sensation will disappear within 15 to 20 minutes after the injection. You may also experience some swelling and bruising for the next 48 hours.

After facial spot mesotherapy, avoid sunbathing, solarium, excessive sweating, skin irritation and use of aspirin. The skin of the treated area may be slightly red for a few hours after the injection.

Durability of facial spot mesotherapy

Durability of facial spot mesotherapy

Patients with a healthy diet and lifestyle experience more lasting results. Some patients need to renew the treatment every six to twelve months.

The complications of mesotherapy and the risks of treating facial blemishes with mesotherapy

Using mesotherapy like any other treatment has side effects. Side effects that occur after facial spot mesotherapy are usually resolved in a short time. The incidence of side effects is not the same in different patients. Some patients do not experience any side effects. Some drugs used during mesotherapy can cause allergies. Some of the common side effects of facial spot mesotherapy include:

  • Edema (swelling caused by injury or inflammation)
  • Erythema (redness of the skin)
  • itching
  • Mild pain (in the treated area)
  • Increased skin sensitivity

The cost of facial spot mesotherapy

The price of facial spot mesotherapy varies with many factors such as the desired clinic, doctor, materials used, type of treatment, treatment area, treatment session and duration of treatment. The price of facial spot mesotherapy for beauty purposes is always higher than for therapeutic purposes. If facial spot mesotherapy is performed in a private hospital or private clinic for beauty purposes, the insurance company will not cover its costs because it has no obligation to do this.


Is facial mesotherapy permanent?

If patients follow the doctor’s recommendations, the effect of removing stains is permanent.

How many mesotherapy sessions are needed to treat facial spots?

Depending on the severity of the problem and your skin type, the specialist doctor will suggest the number of sessions that will have the best effect.

Is facial mesotherapy painful?

Before the injection, a numbing cream is used and you will only feel a small injection scratch on your skin. The treatment takes about 20 minutes.

Can I apply makeup after mesotherapy?

We recommend not to use cosmetics for 24 hours after mesotherapy.

What ingredients are injected for facial mesotherapy?

facial spot mesotherapy solution contains various vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbal extracts, anesthetics, drugs and amino acids. The ingredients vary depending on the patient’s needs and the desired result.

Does facial mesotherapy cause bleeding in injection sites?

Even though the needle is injected into the pesut several times, our very fine needles and mesotherapy techniques mean that you will have very little bleeding and in some cases you will not bleed at all.

The result of facial mesotherapy can be seen after how many sessions?

Usually, patients notice that their skin has a brighter glow after the first treatment session.