gummy smile

gummy smile

A gummy smile is a condition in which the teeth show more than normal when smiling. Contact us for treatment.

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What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is a condition in which the teeth are visible when smiling. In this case, the teeth and the shape of the person’s lips are such that the person cannot hide his gums while smiling or even talking.

Beautiful teeth and healthy gums play a very important role in the health of a person’s body, and in addition to being involved in actions such as chewing food and even talking, they can also increase people’s self-confidence from a mental point of view. In the meantime, one of the common problems that can exist in the appearance of the gums is gummy smile.

What is the cause of a gummy smile?

Normally, about 1 to 2 mm of the gums are visible when smiling, but in a gummy smile, this amount increases to 7 mm. A gummy smile is more than causing physical problems for a person, it causes problems for a person mentally and spiritually.

A person with this problem feels that he looks ugly when he talks or smiles, and in such cases, he is often shy from others and withdrawn.

In a gummy smile, due to the position of the gums, a person may damage the end part of the gums attached to the teeth while eating or even while brushing and cleaning the teeth. In this way, it causes inflammation and bleeding in the gums.

Gummy smile treatment methods

Many people have a gummy smile, when these people smile, a large amount of their gum tissue is found, today there are two general methods to correct the design of this type of smile, and sometimes it is necessary to use both of these methods. Among these methods include:

Increase the length of the tooth crown

During this procedure, the cosmetic dentist must change the shape of the gums. If the length of the crown of the tooth is short, then it will look longer and the gummy smile will disappear.

lower lip

When the length of the crown of the tooth is long enough, there is no need to change it anymore, in these people, by lowering the lip, which requires a mild plastic surgery, a part of the lip can be lowered and cover the gums so that when the patient laughs, the gums He can no longer be found.

In order for each of these methods to be performed in its ideal state, it is chosen according to the conditions of each patient. Patients who have a short dental crown and large gum tissue, even if we increase the length of the dental crown, it may not work, and it is probably necessary to perform both methods together in these patients.

Orthodontic treatment

When the gummy smile problem is diagnosed due to short teeth or jaw abnormalities, and the patient is young, orthodontics is used to treat this abnormality. The use of TADs technology is usually used in orthodontic treatment of gummy smile. Also, by treating the deformity of the upper jaw and even the lower jaw, the gummy smile problem will be solved at the end of the treatment.

Jaw surgery combined with orthodontic treatment

In some cases, it is better to shorten the treatment period, reduce the possibility of the results returning and increase the durability and sustainability of the results obtained from orthodontic treatment. Remember that a person who performs jaw surgery must always undergo an orthodontic course before and after this operation. Usually, each patient will have an orthodontic period for 12 to 18 months before jaw surgery and for 6 to 12 months after that. However, each patient’s condition is completely unique, and his treatment plan is tailored specifically to his needs and interests.

Soft tissue diode laser

This method is used in cases where we want to prevent the regrowth of soft tissues. If only a small part of the gum tissue needs to be removed to correct the gummy smile design, the process of shaping the gums using a diode laser usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes. However, in order to remove large amounts of gum tissue, a surgery called tooth crown lengthening must be performed on the patient.

In this procedure, a periodontist, who specializes in the correction of gum and tooth structure, surgically removes excess gum tissue and corrects the position of the tooth bone so that there is more tooth structure and less gum tissue. , be visible. This surgery is usually performed on more than one tooth to achieve a uniform and natural gum line for the patient.

Gum contouring

Contouring is a type of surgery to remove the gum tissue around the teeth, which makes the teeth show more. This surgery significantly reduces the gum-to-lip ratio. The most common method of correcting a temporary smile design is gum contouring, which is also called gingival contouring or gum lift. The process of gum contouring is relatively simple and can have a huge impact on the appearance of a smile and increase people’s self-confidence.

Gummy smile treatment without surgery

Non-surgical methods for gum smile treatment are in most cases outpatient. These methods can be performed in the dental office and the person can return to his daily activities in the shortest possible time.

One of the other methods is the use of Botox. In this method, the muscles that stretch the lips in the process of smiling are paralyzed by the diluted botulinum toxin. As a result, when smiling, the lip muscles do not work properly and gummy smile is treated. Note that this method is used for a specific treatment group based on the diagnosis of the orthodontic specialist.

Be careful:

A point that should be paid special attention to when injecting Botox is the dose of Botox that is supposed to be injected into the muscles around the mouth. If the amount of poison is lower than expected, it will not have the necessary effect, and if this amount of injectable poison is injected in an uncontrolled and spontaneous manner, it can cause confusion of the balance of the facial components and paralysis. The muscles around the mouth become necessary.

Another method to treat gummy smile is gel injection. In this method, gel is injected into the lips to make the lips more voluminous and thus cover more of the gums when laughing. A variety of injectable materials and hyaluronic acid gels are used for injection. Sometimes fat injection can also be considered as an option by an orthodontic specialist.

Of course, when injecting the gel, if the person injecting does not have the necessary skills, it can cause hematoma and severe bleeding in the area of ​​the lips. Allergy and bruising are other possible side effects of a gummy smile. This method is also performed for a certain number of patients based on the opinion of the orthodontic specialist.

keep in mind

A smile is one of the most important parts of a person’s personality that expresses confidence and beauty. Most of the time, when we talk about a smile, we think about the size, color and length of the teeth. Gums are one of the important components of a smile. If a lot of your gums show when you laugh, it will make your teeth look smaller or your face look longer and your facial proportions will be messed up. For these reasons, some people hide their confidence and beauty.

If you are one of those people who suffer from having a smile with bad gums and are looking to improve your smile design, the first step is to consult a cosmetic dentist and if the cosmetic dentist diagnoses surgery, proceed with surgery and Correct the design of the gummy smile.