Organic food and fat burner

20 Organic food and Natural fat burner for weight loss

The secret to weight loss is to eat and drink enough to satisfy your hunger and choose foods that burn more calories to digest than you consume.

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Here is a list of fat burning foods that will help you choose the right food to burn more fat than the amount of food you eat.

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You don’t have to be a vegetarian to lose weight. It is enough to increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, legumes and nuts.

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These food groups help you burn excess stored fat. But note that a specific food alone cannot help you lose weight.

You must make changes in your daily diet plan and follow them regularly to achieve significant results in weight loss. While you are trying to lose weight and reduce your body mass, watch your fat and calorie intake.

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Get essential nutrients and vitamins through food because the existence of these substances is vital and necessary for the living cells of our body. The best way to start losing weight is to substitute healthy foods for your regular diet.

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There is so much information floating around these days about the best way to lose weight that it can be difficult to know which way is healthier or gives better results. Maybe it’s better to take the useful tips for weight loss in a small leaflet written with you to the supermarket or give it to your friends so that the correct information is spread among people and they are encouraged to eat more natural fruits and vegetables.

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Here is a list of fat-burning foods that burn more calories to digest than they contain:

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Organic food and fat burner

Organic food and fat burner : Apricot , Apple , Grapefruit , Beet , cabbage, carrot, Cauliflower, cucumber, Lettuce, an onion,pumpkin,Radish,sardines,spinach,Zucchini,Asparagus,celery,chili pepper, garlic, Green tea.


Increases metabolism

This fruit is low in calories and fat and increases metabolism and keeps weight in a normal range. Apricot contains vitamin A, vitamin C, carbohydrates, minerals, dietary fiber, iron and calcium. Also, it helps to keep the body healthy.


Low fat and low calorie fruit

This fruit is very useful for weight loss. In general, apple is a low-fat and low-calorie food and contains minerals, vitamins, fiber and a little sodium. All these substances help to lose weight in different ways.
You can eat a lot of apples without putting too much energy into your body. The fiber in apples fills the stomach quickly and limits the amount of food you have eaten. Another benefit of eating apples is that they contain large amounts of water and are therefore a great source of detoxification.


A wonderful food for those on a diet
By eating half a grapefruit with every meal, you will lose about 1.6 kg of weight per month, and those who drink grapefruit juice three times a day will lose 1.4 kg in a month. This fruit increases metabolism and provides more nutrients to the body.
But the benefits of grapefruit do not end with weight loss. This fruit also fights cold symptoms, heart diseases and some types of cancer.


A fiber-rich food that fights fat
Beetroot is the most attractive vegetable for weight loss diet. This food item will help you to remove excess water from your body and prevent it from accumulating in your body. Also, it fights fat.
Beetroot is rich in fiber. Half of this fiber is soluble and the other half is insoluble, and they play a very important role in eliminating fat. Also, it protects the person against heart attacks and some cancers such as colon cancer as well as birth defects.


A food that leads to weight loss quickly
Eating cabbage soup helps to lose weight quickly. If you use cabbage soup for seven days, your weight will decrease. This vegetable has very few calories and contains a lot of nutrients.


It is rich in beta-carotene and is considered a healthy substitute for fat
Eating large amounts of carrots leads to weight loss.
The beta-carotene in carrots acts as a fat substitute, meaning it thickens sauces, soups, breads, and casseroles. Therefore, there is no need to add fat or cream to these foods.
Carrots contain fiber, half of which is soluble and helps reduce blood cholesterol.


Low fat and low calorie food
This vegetable is naturally low in calories and fat. So, don’t worry about eating it.


A wonderful modern food
This diuretic product removes fluids from the body. When the right amount of cucumber is used, it raises the metabolism, expels unused fluids and stimulates the destruction of fat cells.
This diuretic food has an interesting characteristic, which is that it breaks large fat deposits into smaller pieces so that they can be easily removed from the body. During this process, most of the fat cells are removed from the body and at the same time, your body loses its excess water.


Food rich in iron and magnesium
The minerals in lettuce directly enter the immune system and protect you from diseases. The body uses these minerals and compounds in lettuce to strengthen itself and transfer them to tissues and cells. Also, it increases the body’s metabolism and destroys fat cells.

an onion

A valuable addition to the diet
Like garlic, onions also contain oils and minerals that help break down fat and boost your metabolism. Onion is more powerful than garlic, so it is a very useful addition to your diet.


A vegetable rich in fiber
This vegetable is one of the best foods for weight loss. Pumpkin contains a lot of fiber and has only 40 calories.


Mucus cleans the body membrane
Radish has a lot of magnesium and iron. These minerals help melt fat inside the cells.


This food makes you feel full and increases your metabolism
Sardines are a blessing for anyone who wants to lose weight.
Sardines are rich in protein that keeps blood sugar stable and makes you feel full and increases your metabolism.
Also, it is a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves your mood.


A food full of fiber
Spinach has twice as much fiber as other leafy vegetables. Also, it is a good source of iron and rich in various nutrients and vitamins. Use spinach in salad preparation. This choice is healthier and helps you lose weight.


A low-calorie food
Zucchini has 15 calories per 100 grams. You can eat this versatile and calorie-burning vegetable steamed, baked or fried or any other way you like. So, include zucchini in your diet to help you lose weight effectively.


A natural weight loss food
Asparagus is a natural food for weight loss and an ideal food for young women during their menstrual cycle. Folic acid in asparagus helps prevent congenital neural tube defects.
This food, even in large quantities, has few calories. Eating large amounts of asparagus will keep your hunger at bay without causing you to gain weight.
Asparagus is also a good source of vitamin E. This food item contains an antioxidant called glutathione, which prevents the occurrence of cancer. Asparagus is also useful for treating arthritis and rheumatism.


A food rich in calcium
Whenever you use celery, the calcium in it goes directly into action and activates the internal glands. The hormones secreted from these glands break the fat stored in the body.
Large amounts of iron and magnesium in celery help to cleanse the body.

chili pepper

Increases metabolism
Chili peppers have many benefits, from reducing arthritis pain to lowering cholesterol in the body. This food increases metabolism and helps in weight loss.


It helps to reduce unhealthy fats and cholesterol
Garlic also contains natural nutrients that make it a fat-burning food. The oils in garlic cleanse the body.
During this process, the smoky movements of the intestines also increase and help to get rid of excess body fat. So, eat garlic and get a lean body. Garlic also has antibacterial effects on your body.

Green tea

A great solution for weight loss
Green tea has many health benefits. This food item contains large amounts of antioxidants and helps to improve heart health, strengthen food digestion, regulate body temperature and blood sugar.
Your metabolism increases by drinking green tea. Also, green tea increases fat oxidation and therefore helps you lose weight.
Note that to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you take in. This is achieved when you use fat-burning foods and do physical activity.

Natural fat burner

Natural fat burner

Fat burners (Natural fat burner) are the most controversial products and supplements on the market. They can be used as nutritional supplements to increase body metabolism, reduce fat absorption and burn more fat in the body. Commercials try to make fat burners a miracle for weight loss (natural fat burner) . But the fact is that the fat burning products available in the market are often useless and even harmful. In this article, we will introduce you to 5 natural fat burners for rapid weight loss and increased metabolism, other fat burner supplements and the risks and side effects of fat burner supplements.

Caffeine for natural fat burner

Caffeine for natural fat burner

Caffeine (Caffeine for natural fat burner) is a substance that is generally found in green tea, coffee and cocoa beans. The existence of this substance is also emphasized in the advertisements of fat burning supplements. Caffeine increases metabolism and burns more fat (natural fat burner) . Research shows that caffeine temporarily increases metabolism by 16% for an hour or two.

In addition, several studies also indicate that caffeine causes more fats in the body to be consumed as fuel. It goes without saying that such an effect is more visible in thin people than in fat people, and unfortunately, its continuous use reduces its effectiveness in the long run (natural fat burner) . You don’t need to take a supplement to reap the benefits of caffeine. It is enough to consume a few cups of highly caffeinated coffee during the day and enjoy its benefits.

Green tea extract for natural fat burner

Green tea extract for natural fat burner

Green tea extract (Green tea extract for natural fat burner) is a concentrated form of green tea and provides all its benefits and properties in capsule or powder form. Green tea extract is rich in caffeine and a chemical compound called “epigallocatechin gallate” (EGCG) (natural fat burner) . These two substances are complementary and help to burn fats during a process called “thermogenesis”. Thermogenesis, simply put, is the process by which the body burns calories to generate heat.

Many studies have been done to confirm the effects of green tea extract as a natural fat burner (natural fat burner) . For example, an analysis of six studies showed that consuming a combination of green tea extract and caffeine increased fat burning in the body by 16% compared to a placebo given to study subjects in experiments.

In another study, scientists compared the effect of placebo, caffeine and the combination of green tea extract and caffeine in burning fat (natural fat burner) . This study showed that consuming the combination of caffeine and green tea burns 65 more calories in the body compared to consuming caffeine alone. The consumption of this combination showed that 80 more calories were burned compared to the placebo.

If you want to see the benefits of green tea extract as a natural fat burner, you should consume 250 to 500 mg of it daily (natural fat burner) . The effectiveness of this amount is equivalent to consuming 3 to 5 cups of green tea per day.

Protein powder for natural fat burner

Protein powder for natural fat burner

Protein (Protein powder for natural fat burner) is essential for burning fat. The right amount of protein intake makes the metabolism of the body to burn fat higher, the desire to eat is limited and the appetite reaches a balanced level. At the same time, it helps to maintain the muscle mass of the body. A study was conducted on 60 obese people and it was found that a high-protein diet helps to burn fat twice as much as a medium-protein diet.

Protein also limits appetite; Because it increases the level of satiety hormones such as GLP-1, CCK and PYY and decreases the hunger hormone “ghrelin” (natural fat burner) . To provide the amount of protein necessary for the body, you can consume foods containing protein; But many people have trouble getting enough protein daily. In order to get enough protein, it is better to take protein supplements.

Curd, casein (milk protein) or low-fat cheese, soy, eggs, and plant-based protein powders are good sources of protein. When taking protein supplements (especially if you’re trying to lose weight), you should choose ones that are low in sugar and additives. Remember that the body also needs calories. So, protein supplements should replace snacks or be part of meals. Choosing them as the main part of meals is not the right thing (natural fat burner) . If you are facing a protein deficiency, there is nothing wrong with consuming one to two small scoops (25-50 grams) of protein powder throughout the day.Soluble fiber for natural fat burner

Soluble fiber for natural fat burner

Soluble fiber for natural fat burner : soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber absorbs liquids from the digestive tract and forms a viscous, gel-like substance. The interesting point is that studies show that soluble fiber helps burn fat by reducing appetite; (natural fat burner) Because this type of fiber increases the level of satiety hormones i.e. PYY and GLP-1 and decreases the level of hunger hormone i.e. “ghrelin”.

In addition to the mentioned cases, soluble fiber slows down the process of transferring nutrients to the intestine. In this case, the body will have more opportunity to digest and absorb nutrients and the feeling of fullness will last longer. Soluble fiber also helps burn fat by reducing the absorption of calories from consumed food.

In a research, 17 people participated with various amounts of fiber and fat consumption, and it was found that the amount of fiber consumption in the diet decreases the absorption of calories and fat (natural fat burner) . The soluble fiber necessary for the body is found in various foods, however, if you are facing a deficiency of this substance, it is possible to take supplements such as flaxseed or “glucomannan”.

Yohimbine for natural fat burner

Yohimbine for natural fat burner

Yohimbine (Yohimbine for natural fat burner) is a substance found in the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree. This tree is found in Central and West Africa. Yohimbine is mostly used for sexual enhancement, but some of its properties are also useful for burning fat (natural fat burner) . By blocking alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, Yohimbine is effective in burning fat. These receptors cause adrenaline to stop its effects. One of these effects is helping to burn fat to fuel the body. Since yohimbine blocks these receptors, the effects of adrenaline last longer and the breakdown of fats for fuel production increases.
A study of 20 elite football players showed that taking 10 milligrams of yohimbine, twice a day, reduced the players’ body fat by an average of 2.2 percent. It is worth noting that these players had a body without extra fat before taking Yohimbine, and as a result, 2.2% is a significant reduction (natural fat burner) .
Animal studies also show that yohimbine can reduce appetite. Of course, more research is needed to use Yohimbine as a natural fat burner. However, since this substance keeps the level of adrenaline high, the occurrence of side effects such as: nausea, anxiety, panic attacks and high blood pressure will be possible with its use.
Also, taking Yohimbine as a natural fat burner can interact with other antidepressants with blood pressure. If you suffer from depression, anxiety or high blood pressure, you should not take yohimbine.