What is Hollywood Smile

What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile is an aesthetic dental treatment that aims to eliminate all your worries by arranging your teeth and making you smile from ear to ear.

The secret to a perfect smile is its sincerity. Proportional teeth, gums and lips make your smile flawless. With Hollywood Smile, you can get the smile of your dreams and charm those around you.

Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful smile? Aside from its positive effect on people, the common trait of many people who have beautiful smiles is their confidence. Every smile is beautiful, however, men and women of all ages, cannot laugh comfortably because they do not like their smile and cover their mouth with their hands while laughing. There is no one who would not look good with a sincere and natural smile.

The aesthetic problems of the teeth and gums are eliminated with a personalized smile design, the appearance of the lips, gums and teeth during the smile is re-designed to suit the person.

What is Hollywood Smile?

As in all other cosmetic applications, the main purpose in smile design is beauty. It consists of a series of procedures, including oral and dental applications, to remove defects in tooth color, gums, and the appearance of teeth. The list these processes follows:

  • Teeth are repaired and oral health is restored.
  • It is determined whether there is any missing teeth.
  • Personal smile design is digitally created.
  • If there is a missing tooth, dental implant is placed.
  • Gum problems are eliminated.
  • Teeth are restored in accordance with the smile design created specifically for the person.
  • Aesthetic applications are carried out to shape the appearance of the lips and gums in accordance with the smile design.
  • Finally, the teeth are whitened and they appear in the same tone.


Benefits of Smile Design with Hollywood Smile

Benefits of Smile Design with Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile looks better, you can be sure that you look beautiful smiling and your smile suits your face. There may be some congenital dental placement and / or alignment problems, as well as discoloration in the teeth, slippage, tooth loss due to aging and different problems may reduce the sparkle of your smile. With Hollywood smile, you can regain a lively and young smile. Apart from the tremendous contribution of smiling freely to your energy and hence to your health, it is useful to list the advantages of smile design:

  • Whiter and perfect looking teeth
  • A unique and proportional smile
  • A healthy mouth
  • Comfortable fit to your jaw
  • Protection of oral and dental health in the long term

How to Apply Hollywood Smile?

The Hollywood smile design procedure varies from person to person, because each smile has different needs. For example, if the gums are healthy and there is no teeth deficiency, the smile design is created in a digital environment in consultation with the patient, and then the patient is informed about the processes planned to achieve this design. The material and method to be used in the restoration of the teeth, such as porcelain, zirconium or composite, are selected. With one of these methods and materials, the smile design is completed. In case the patient has a gummy smile, with sugical procedures, the appearence of the gums are reduced.

In case of tooth loss, the priority is the implant treatment. Dental implant is applied to healthy palate and gingiva, hence if there is any oral health problem gum treatment may be required.

Which Treatments Are Used in Hollywood Smile Application?

Regulation of Gingiva :

The health of the gums is one of the most important factors that make the smile aestheticly pleasing. Therefore, in cosmetic smile design, we first check the boundaries of the gum and whether it is on a regular line.

Another important point is to what extent teeth and gums are seen while laughing. If too much gingiva is exposed and size of the teeth and the opening (length) of the gum tissue are not aesthetic in proportion, it is necessary to balance this situation with the smile design. In this case, laser gum removal operation and / or gummy smile operation may be required.

Dental Coating :

Tooth and mouth restoration is the biggest part of smile design. Thanks to the advencements in technology, dental coating technology has advanced and it is difficult to tell apart from the real teeth.

In Hollywood Smile design, the focus is on the front teeth and upper jaw. Sometimes a few teeth and sometimes the entire upper jaw may need to be renewed. There are three basic materials and methods used in dental coating.

Porcelain Tooth Veneer: Porcelain teeth, which are very similar to real teeth in terms of structure and appearance, allow us to obtain an elegant, extremely aesthetic appearance and are a very durable.

Zirconium Tooth Coating: It is used as frequently as porcelains in dental veneers. It is right to say that it is preferred more often than implants, as it can be used in case of tooth deficiency.

Composite Bonding: Bonding or composite filling is an application that we use only to obtain aesthetic appearance in situations that can be restored with little touches. The biggest difference from porcelain and zirconium veneers is that it can be applied without eroding the teeth. Composite filling is often used in tooth tip fractures, tooth extension, and tooth enlargement.