Wisdom tooth denervation

Wisdom tooth denervation (Care after + cost)

Tooth denervation is considered one of the best ways to treat toothache, one of the reasons why it is better to use this method is to not leave the tooth space empty and the feeling of needing the tooth is lost.

In this article, we are going to examine wisdom tooth denervation and choose wisdom tooth denervation or wisdom tooth extraction.

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Wisdom teeth are like many other teeth, but due to many cases, the dentist may decide to extract them. A person’s wisdom teeth grow between the ages of 17 and 25. If these teeth grow fully and have enough space in the jaw, they can play a big role in eating and drinking. Therefore, these teeth can be damaged, decayed, or even require wisdom tooth extraction.

What is Wisdom tooth root treatment

What is Wisdom tooth root treatment?

Root canal treatment is one of the dental treatments, which is also known as root canal treatment.

The anals of the roots are infected, they clean them and prevent the decay and infection of the tooth root canals.

Wisdom tooth root treatment is also done, but it makes the dentist’s work a little harder due to the more difficult access. Also, there is another difficulty in wisdom tooth denervation that the number of wisdom tooth root canals is different and requires more skill from the dentist.

Why should Wisdom tooth denervation?

Research shows that humans have gradually removed these teeth from the human body in the course of evolution as their food became softer. Wisdom teeth may not grow completely. In some people whose jaws do not have enough space for wisdom teeth to grow, wisdom teeth can cause problems such as putting pressure on other teeth and so on.

Many wisdom teeth cannot come out of the jaw due to not having enough space and remain hidden in the jaw. These teeth are extracted during a wisdom tooth surgery. the teeth

They can also grow, but because they have very little space, they can be a place for food to accumulate, so the dentist decides to remove them from the mouth.

In order to get relief from the pain of the wisdom tooth, it can be easily denervated, but there are cases where the wisdom tooth puts pressure on other teeth and causes them to be crooked. Pulled completely.

In this video, we will show you how the wisdom tooth grows in the tooth and in which cases you should definitely pull that tooth. Do not feel its empty place in the mouth.

Rooting wisdom teeth is not an impossible task. If the wisdom tooth can be useful for the person, the dentist decides to keep it and it may suffer tooth decay like all other teeth. Nerve removal of wisdom teeth is a difficult task. It is very difficult for the doctor to access these teeth because these teeth are located at the end of the jaw and the dentist or endodontist cannot easily reach there and treat the tooth.

Wisdom teeth can be difficult to treat due to the different number of canals. Root canal treatment of wisdom teeth can be difficult, but not impossible. You can solve your wisdom tooth root problem by visiting an orthodontist or endodontist. Orthodontists with modern tools, higher skills and more time can restore and treat a person’s wisdom tooth once it has been used.

Care after wisdom tooth denervation

Care after wisdom tooth denervation

  • It is better to brush and floss Care after wisdom tooth denervation. Do not use nerve pulling as an excuse to brush your teeth. Maintaining oral and dental hygiene is the most important thing that every person should pay attention to.
  • It is better to avoid eating solid food for a few hours.
  • There is no problem in drinking liquids after the treatment of neuritis.

Before starting your dental treatment, the dentist or endodontist will check the condition of your wisdom teeth to measure its role in chewing and nutrition. If your wisdom tooth plays a role in digestion or chewing your food, an endodontist or dentist will treat your tooth and repair it if necessary, but if the wisdom tooth does not play a role in chewing food or causes food to get stuck, The dentist or endodontist suggests that you pull your wisdom teeth.

Steps of Wisdom tooth denervation

The steps of denervation of the wisdom tooth are the same as the denervation of the rest of the teeth, with the difference that the dental and denervation tools are a little difficult to reach the tooth.

cost of wisdom tooth denervation

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