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The difference between day and night cream and their important role in the skin routine

You have probably heard the term skin routine a lot. But have you ever paid attention to the skin routine? This is where the day and night cream comes into play. But what is the difference between day and night cream? To find the answer to this question, stay with us at Atrisa Skin and Hair Clinic until the end of this article.

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Day and night cream, one of the important elements of skin routine

Usually, most people do not pay much attention to the time of the day when it comes to skin routine. While our skin has different needs at different times of the day, and to take better care of it, we must consider this factor. The same difference in need causes the difference between day and night cream.

Protect the skin during the day

Our skin needs protection more than anything during the day. During the day, we are exposed to various environmental pollution such as dust, sun damage and air pollution. For this reason, it is better to use creams that protect the skin from the sun by having amounts of anti-UV elements and neutralize free radicals by having antioxidant compounds.

Night is the time to repair the skin!

Night is the time to repair, nourish and regenerate the skin. For this reason, more nutritious creams should be used. Night creams should penetrate the skin, provide it with moisture and prevent the signs of aging.

day cream

What is a day cream?

What creams do you use during the day? Moisturizer and sunscreen? Day cream can provide your skin with more benefits than hydration and sun protection.

As we said before, our skin is exposed to various environmental pollutants during the day, and on the other hand, the sun’s rays can damage our skin.

Add free radicals to all these factors, which can cause signs of aging, wrinkles and loss of body elasticity over time.

Day creams are designed to comprehensively protect the skin against damaging factors. The following are the most important benefits of day cream:

  • UV protection
  • Prevention of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protection against environmental pollution
  • Skin repair and rejuvenation
  • Protecting the skin from the harmful effects of stress

night cream

What is night cream?

Night and sleeping is the best time to repair and regenerate the skin. During these times, the skin begins to regenerate and will be more receptive to nutrients and skin moisturizers than during the day.

Perhaps the most important difference between day and night cream is the type of help night cream helps the skin. At this time of the day and night, the night cream helps to provide moisture to the skin and enables the skin to fight the damage caused by exposure to dust, UV rays and stress or free radicals.

Night creams have richer ingredients than day creams and therefore help to nourish and regenerate the skin.

Anti-aging properties of night cream

Night creams have anti-aging properties and can reduce fine wrinkles.

Antiaging creams are usually used as night creams because they contain ingredients like retinol. Retinol is a powerful ingredient to fight surface wrinkles and help restore firmness and improve skin texture.

However, using retinol during the day is not recommended, because retinol can make the skin vulnerable to UV rays and cause redness, flaking and sensitivity.

Rejuvenating creams that are used during the day should use bakuchiol as an alternative to retinol. This substance has the same properties as retinol, but is not sensitive to sunlight.

The difference between day and night cream

  • The compositions of day and night cream are very different from each other. The day cream contains protective agents and hydrates the skin, while the night cream uses more ingredients that reverse the aging process, repair and regenerate the skin.
  • Texture is the second difference between day and night cream. The tissue core of these two worms is different from each other. The day cream has a light texture and hydrates the skin and can be a suitable foundation for makeup. If the night cream has a very heavy texture and will create a blocking layer on the skin pores.
  • Usually, day creams are not greasy and are formulated on the basis of water. On the other hand, night cream is heavier and fattier, and oil is usually used in their production.
  • Day creams are easily absorbed, while night creams need more time to be absorbed due to their thick consistency.

Can you use night cream during the day or vice versa?

You have probably realized by now that you should never use night cream during the day and using day cream at night will not be very beneficial for your skin.

  • Using night cream during the day can damage your skin and cause spots, redness or skin sensitivity.
  • On the other hand, night cream is heavy and using it during the day will make your skin feel suffocated and heavy.
  • Night cream is not suitable for make-up and makes the make-up not sleep on it.

Will the use of day and night cream lead to certain complications?

Do not worry. Usually, using day and night creams will not cause any special complications for you; Unless you are allergic to the formulation ingredients of these creams or you buy a non-standard, rotten or fake cream.

  • However, before buying a skin care product, it is better to research your chosen brand and check its basic ingredients.
  • Be sure to buy the desired product from a reputable store and make sure that there is enough time left for the expiration date of your product.
  • Be sure to apply a portion of the cream to a small part of your face or under your neck before using the day and night cream and allow 24 hours to pass; If you don’t see any signs of a particular complication, you can use the cream.

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Regular skin care is one of the most important pillars of its health and vitality. Do you have experience using day and night cream? What brand do you think is the best day and night cream?

You can take care of your skin under the supervision of a doctor and skilled experts. If you have any specific skin problem, you can contact our experts at Serenity Skin and Hair Clinic to get the necessary guidance.