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Familiarity with hair keratin treatment

There are many trends and techniques for hair care (hair keratin treatment) that affect the appearance quality of hair to some extent. Especially, keratin smoothing treatments have received a lot of attention.
For “hair keratin treatment“, you need to visit a hair salon. It doesn’t take much time and in less than a few hours you will leave the salon with smooth and shiny hair. The result is very amazing and can satisfy problematic women as well. It’s safe to say that Keratin Therapy is unlike any other hair care method you’ve tried.

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Do you know what keratin is and what it does? Do you know how to work with keratin and what to expect? Before booking a salon for hair keratin treatment, it is better to read this article to the end. You will find the answers to all your questions here. In this way, it is easier to make a decision.What is keratin treatment

What is keratin treatment?

If you have ever been curious about the structure of hair and what hair is made of, you must have heard the term keratin. In all online sources and domestic and foreign websites, explanations have been given about the structure of hair keratin treatment. Keratin is the main protein in the body of vertebrates. It is a structural substance that forms scales, hair, nails, feathers, horns, claws, hoofs and the outer layer of the skin among vertebrates. Keratin also protects epithelial cells from damage or stress.

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Hair keratin is actually a structural protein that forms the main composition of hair. This material is strongly influenced by environmental factors. Any damage to the keratin tissue of the hair causes loss of health and durability of the hair. All natural and unnatural environmental factors can affect the destruction of the structural and important protein of keratin.

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For example, heat and heat, whether it is through the direct rays of the sun or through hair irons and hair dryers, will damage the hair keratin in any case. All chemicals that are applied to the hair, including hair dyes and bleaching agents, also contribute to the destruction of hair keratin. Even the ingredients used in some shampoos are equally harmful. Consumption of harmful foods such as transgenic oils cause damage to the keratin tissue of the skin and hair as much as cigarettes and alcohol.

For this reason, hair keratin-containing compounds are always used in hair restoration and regeneration methods. This protein plays an important role in repairing and restoring damaged hair and is used directly.What is hair keratin treatment

What is hair keratin treatment?

To know exactly what “hair keratin treatment” does, we’ll settle for the definition of the American Academy of Dermatology:

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A hair keratin treatment involves a procedure in which a professional stylist uses a combination of chemicals and heat to straighten and realign the hair’s natural bonds.

This is the simplest definition of keratin therapy, but the work process includes several steps and the use of different compounds. Usually, glutaraldehyde or formaldehyde is used to perform keratin. After using the chemical solution on the hair, the stylist usually uses a keratin protein conditioner to prevent the hair from becoming too dry and brittle. If everything goes well and the materials used are good, the hair locks will be completely smooth.

This treatment method is the most popular method for repairing damaged hair, which also leads to smooth hair to a large extent. Brazilian hair straightening methods and hair Botox etc. are all based on hair keratin treatment.What type of hair is keratin treatment good for

What type of hair is keratin treatment good for?

hair keratin treatment process relaxes the hair shaft, so in general, we see the best results from this method of treatment in wavy hair. However, keratin treatments do not work on hair that is completely split and has a severe break in the protein structure. This method of treatment is excellent for correcting damaged hair caused by color and bleaching or frequent use of heat styling devices. Frizzy, curly and wavy hair get the best results from keratin treatment.

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In fact, hair keratin treatment do not harm the hair and are suitable for any type of frizzy, dry, wavy, curly and damaged hair. hair keratin treatment straightening affects the chemical structure of the hair fiber. If a high concentration of formaldehyde is used for keratin, it can damage the hair strands. Therefore, it is important to work with an expert.

Keratin hair treatment generally results in the repair of damaged hair protein. In this method, formaldehyde compounds are used, so your hairdresser must know exactly what he is doing. Always go to reputable and well-known salons because there are experts and skilled people working in these salons.How much does keratin treatment cost

How much does keratin treatment cost?

Hairdressing services do not have a fixed price. Many factors affect costs. The cost varies depending on the location of the hair salon and the experience of your hair stylist. How much are you willing to pay to treat your damaged hair? Asking for much lower amounts than the usual means that probably the quality ingredients are not used for hair keratin.

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Before you think about the costs, think about the possible damage caused by poor quality materials and stylists. The costs are high and low, the volume and density of the hair, the length of the hair and its type can slightly change the amounts. In order for the results to be satisfactory, always visit a specialized hair clinic.

keratin hair treatment at home

Can you do keratin hair treatment at home?

keratin hair treatment at home kits are available in the market and are much cheaper. Seeing these kits, you might be tempted to keratinize your hair at home using chemicals. We strongly recommend that you avoid trying to chemically straighten your hair strands at home! Since keratin hair straightening involves rebuilding the hair’s natural bonds, it is best to see a professional. You should also keep in mind that the formulas in the at-home kits are not as strong as the ones used in the salon, so the results won’t be as dramatic.

Of course, you can always use keratin at home with natural ingredients. These substances do not harm the hair and gradually improve the condition of the hair. Of course, you should have a lot of patience and don’t expect a sudden change.

How long does hair keratin treatment last

How long does hair keratin treatment last?

How long the hair keratin treatment remains on the hair depends on how you take care of your hair after keratin treatment. You can typically expect this type of treatment to last up to six months. Of course, it should be noted that this treatment is performed only on the hair shaft and the hair root is not treated. In fact, with hair growth, the situation returns to the previous state.

The rate at which your hair grows can also affect the potential for a hair keratin treatment to last. In general, after using any type of strong chemical on the hair, it is necessary to take care of the hair. Whether you dye your hair with permanent hair color or get a hair keratin treatment, taking extra steps into your hair care routine is recommended to keep your hair healthy.

To care for keratinized hair, in addition to normal shampoo and conditioner, it is necessary to use a hair mask and a moisturizing product. The shampoo used should not contain any sulfate with salt or surfactant. Care methods are suitable for nourishing and hydrating the hair.

There are other ways to make hair smoother and softer. If you do not find hair treatment with keratin suitable for you, use other methods. The easiest way is to use a manual hair iron that can be found in every home. These irons work well and can straighten hair temporarily. The only problem is the overheating of the hair iron. Be sure to use a heat protectant to prevent damage to your hair.

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Strengthen your hair to feel good. Having healthy and fresh hair has a great impact on the beauty of the face and good mood. In our specialized clinic, various methods of reviving and repairing damaged hair are used, suitable for your conditions. With any type of hair you have and with any degree of damage to your hair, you can use nano keratin hair salon services. We are a specialized team with years of experience who strive for your well-being. Before making any decision, you can use free hair consultation in a specialized and individual way.

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