What is hair Nanoplastia

Hair Nanoplastia is a new method that makes hair smooth and silky. In this method, no smell or gas is emitted and it is completely safe for pregnant mothers and children.

hair Nanoplastia

Hair Nanoplastia is a new and completely scientific method for straightening hair. The dream of all girls is to have shiny and soft hair. Of course, in the case of curly-haired girls (not all of them, of course), the option of being straight and naked should be added to the above two items. However, these days there are many ways to make these dreams come true. But hair Nanoplastia without any harm to the person, makes you have smooth and silky hair. In the rest of this report, you will learn more about this method.

Characteristics of hair Nanoplastia

If this is the first time you hear the name of this method, probably your first question is: What is hair Nanoplastia? hair Nanoplastic, which is also known by other names such as hair Nanoplastic or Nanoplastica, is a new treatment method for hair that changes its structure from the inside. This method makes the hair smooth and shiny, and its durability is about 6 to 8 months. The important thing about hair Nanoplastic is that it does not contain formaldehyde. Therefore, during this procedure, you will not feel any smell or pungent gas, or you will not have allergic reactions such as runny nose or eyes, coughing or sneezing. That is why it is a completely harmless and safe method for pregnant women, mothers who are breastfeeding and children.

How is hair Nanoplastia performed?

This method, like all other methods that are used to straighten and treat hair, begins with washing the hair. The next steps include applying materials, blow-drying and drying the hair, ironing and final washing. These steps take approximately 6 to 8 hours depending on the volume and length of your hair. The number of ironing times depends on the type of hair. Another point is that hair Nanoplastia does not need to quarantine the hair.

What is the difference between hair nanoplastia and keratin?

As I mentioned earlier, keratin products generally contain formaldehyde. Of course, the percentage of formaldehyde in different materials that exist in the market today is different. The concentration of formaldehyde in the world’s top keratin brands has been reported from 3 to 20 percent.
Formaldehyde is released from the hair when ironing or brushing and has a very pungent smell. Some research sources say that formaldehyde can cause leukemia. Of course, there is still no evidence that keratinization of hair can cause cancer. But this is not the only effect of formaldehyde on the body. Formaldehyde can cause respiratory irritation. or allergic reactions such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose and eyes, and a feeling of heaviness in the chest. However, with the help of strong filtering masks and laboratory glasses and other equipment, it is possible to reduce the effect of formaldehyde when keratinizing hair. But hair Nanoplastia as an advanced method is a safer choice. The absence of formaldehyde is the biggest feature of this method, which makes you feel at ease about your health or that of your child. The results of both keratin and hair Nanoplastia methods are almost the same, while hair Nanoplastia makes your hair shinier and softer.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair Nanoplastia

Like any other purification and regeneration method, hair Nanoplastia has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here I have collected the most important pros and cons of this method for you. Advantages
  • Effective and fast results that make hair healthy.
  • Eliminate dry hair
  • The results are long-lasting.
  • Effective treatment for rough and coarse hair
  • During this method, the hair will not get burned or damaged by the heat of the iron
  • After this procedure, damaged hair is repaired and protected against heat and pollutants.
  • After Nanoplastia, the hair gets greasy a little earlier and may need more washing.
  • The cost of Nanoplastia is slightly more than keratin and old methods.
  • Dyed hair becomes one to two degrees lighter after Nanoplastia.
  • This procedure takes about 6 to 8 hours.
last word
Note that unfortunately these days, the cosmetic market is full of fake, non-standard and gross products. The keratin market is no exception to this rule. That’s why you should pay attention to make sure of the standard and originality of the materials before doing any chemical treatment on your hair. Also, get help from an experienced and skilled hairdresser to treat your hair. Do not keratinize your hair at home and alone (on the excuse of high costs and savings). This may have dangerous consequences for you because you do not have enough and suitable equipment and you may incur more expenses for treatment in the future. Do you have the experience of hair Nanoplastia your hair? Have you heard anything about this from people around you? You can share your opinions with us and other Mojito contacts in the comments section of this page.


1- What is hair Nanoplastia?

Nanoplastia or hair nanoplastic is a hair smoothing and revitalization method that repairs hair shaft damage and makes them shiny. This method is done using nanoplastic materials. These materials do not contain formaldehyde gas and smoke, and are suitable for children and pregnant women.

2-How long is Nanoplastia hair?

The durability of Nanoplastia hair depends on how people take care of their hair. Using the right shampoo and mask, the durability of this method reaches 6 to 8 months.

3- How much does hair Nanoplastia cost?

The cost of all straightening and hair restoration methods varies depending on the volume and length of the hair. But on average it is about 70 to 150 dollars.

4- Do hair roots grow straight after Nanoplastia?

The answer to this question is negative. Because curly and curled hair is a genetic issue and no straightening or rejuvenating method can change the genetics of hair producing cells. Therefore, after the growth of the roots, a person needs rooting or root restoration.