Nonsurgical Breast Lift

Nonsurgical Breast Upturn

Nonsurgical Breast Upturn is done using special tools and techniques. In this article, we are going to explain breast lift with hyphotherapy, threads, plasma, thermage, botox, breast fillers, lift creams, as well as the advantages, disadvantages and differences of each one, so stay with us.

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Nonsurgical breast Upturn methods

There is no need to make incisions in the body in all types of Nonsurgical Breast Upturn. In this process, there will be no need for general anesthesia. The risks of Nonsurgical Breast Upturn are much less than other methods, so you don’t get involved in infection, bleeding and scars. But the point is that Nonsurgical Breast Upturn cannot produce the same excellent result as the mastopexy method.

Breast Upturn with hypnotherapy

The first and most modern non-surgical method that we want to introduce is breast Upturn with hypnotherapy. hypnotherapy is one of the best procedures that is also performed at Serenity Beauty Center. This device helps to make skin collagen and tighten breasts by using ultrasound waves. And it lasts for a year.

Breast Upturn with anti-sagging suture

In this method of Nonsurgical Breast Upturn, special threads called APTOS are used. These threads are designed to physically pull up around your breasts. These threads are small and barbed. The cosmetic surgeon uses “hypodermic” needles to insert the lift threads under your skin. The threads are pulled upwards. Sutures are used in this method, and of course, it is a non-invasive method and its results last for a period of 2 years. In this method, there is no such thing as a wound, and the threads dissolve in one to two years.

CACI breast lift

CACI breast Upturn

Breast Upturn using the CACI Bust Upturn method is a type of treatment for muscle injuries (Nonsurgical Breast Lift) . In this country, the main target is the chest muscles and the main target is to involve this part. A hand-held device is used together with the surgeon to use electric pulses on the muscles around the chest and focused conditions are provided. The final results of this method are that the muscles of the chest are more shapely and it causes the chest to rise higher and look smoother and more beautiful. The amount of muscle strengthening depends on time and frequency.

Breast lift with laser

Breast Upturn with laser

Breast lift with laser is one of the other methods that without surgery (Nonsurgical Breast Lift) and with the use of laser therapy and the use of high-energy rays, dead skin cells are destroyed and the amount of collagen production increases. This treatment method is used for old wrinkles and skin spots as well as scars.

Breast lift with J Plasma

Breast Upturn with J Plasma

The J-Plasma device is one of the new technologies (Nonsurgical Breast Lift) in the world in the field of skin tightening, which works in a minimally invasive way. In this method, the energy of the cooled plasma causes the skin to shrink and produce new collagen. This device is used for rejuvenating a specific point of the body and by using helium gas, it causes the body to be in a specific contouring state and finally the helium gas is combined with radio frequency energy.

VBL breast lift

VBL breast Upturn

VBL breast lift is included in the list of anti-aging (Nonsurgical Breast Lift) methods, and rich plasma blood is used with the use of platelets, and the amount of lift is the same as wearing a lift bra. This method does not cure breast sagging, but it increases blood circulation and reduces the amount of wrinkles. This method is prohibited for pregnant or lactating women or people with a history of breast cancer.

Breast lift with thermage

Breast Upturn with thermage

Thermage is another method of stimulating collagen. In this method, radio waves are used to strengthen the protein fibers in your skin. In this method, (Nonsurgical Breast Lift) a device called “Thermacol” is needed, which causes radio waves to enter the deep layers of the skin. After the treatment, the skin immediately becomes tighter. Tightened collagen fibers in the chest area cause the chest to be in a natural contouring position. However, you will need to repeat the treatment. This method has temporary effects.

Breast lift with botox

Breast Upturn with botox

We know that the main purpose of Botox is to paralyze the muscles under your skin and make the skin surface look smoother. Botox is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Please note that the duration of breast lift with Botox is minimal and it is finally approved for 4 months.

Breast lift with skin filler

Breast Upturn with skin filler

Often injections that are used for the face are also considered for the chest area in another position. These injections include dermal fillers that are based on hyaluronic acid. For this part, several treatment methods are always needed. Today, breast lift with fillers is used much less frequently and is not approved by the FDA.

Breast lift creams

Breast Upturn creams

There are a series of anti-aging creams (Nonsurgical Breast Lift) and they are used with the purpose of shaping the skin and preventing sagging. The main promise of these creams is to minimize skin lines and spots and make the skin shape precisely. These creams are included in the list of cheap items among all types of breast lift methods. Be careful that the breast lift cream focuses on the skin and does not affect other tissues, so the necessary result of these creams is very limited.