Smile line treatment methods

Smile line treatment methods

Smile line treatment methods : In order to have a beautiful smile, after laughing, there should not be any trace of the smile line on your skin.

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Certainly, Smile is one of the blessings that God has given to man to express his feelings. Usually, by laughing, you can strengthen the release of happy hormones in your body and create a cheerful, kind and social mood.

These Smile sometimes cause laugh lines to appear around the lips. Laugh line filling is one of the most popular beauty services. Smile line treatment methods are different, and a specialist doctor suggests the best methods of laughing line treatment according to the information he has.

In the rest of this article, we are going to take a closer look at Smile line treatment methods and examine the advantages and disadvantages of laughing line filling.

So stay with us until the end!

What is the smile line?

If you stand in front of the mirror and conjure up a sweet memory in your mind, a beautiful smile will unconsciously appear on your lips. If you look carefully in the mirror, you will notice that there are lines on the right and left sides of your lips, which are called smile lines. In some people, these lines disappear after laughing and leave no traces on the skin; But on the contrary, in some people who have dehydrated skin, aged skin and sunburned skin, the laugh line is very noticeable and even after laughing, these lines are present on the left and right side of the lips. In such a situation, a request for a smile filler and its removal is usually raised.

Why are smile lines created?

Certainly, if you have a history of exercising in the environment of gyms, you are aware of the reaction of body muscles to repeated exercise. In fact, the smile line is the result of this repetition and contraction in the facial muscles. Usually, a person makes a smile line on the face due to frequent laughter and the structure of the facial skin (increase in age and relaxation of facial muscles and skin). In fact, the repeated contraction of the facial muscles during laughter creates the laugh line. Over time, with the reduction of skin elasticity and reduction of collagen production, the laugh line is created at the end of the lips. In the following, we point out the most common causes of smile lines:

  1. age increasing
  2. Exposure to direct sunlight
  3. Use of cigarettes and hookah
  4. Genetic and hereditary factors
  5. skin diseases
  6. Jaw and face disorders

Let’s know the methods of smile line treatment!

Definitely, if you want to use smile line treatment methods, you should know all of them and know the advantages and disadvantages of using each one. Usually, the shelf life of each laugh line treatment method is different from the other.

However, the response of each person’s body is different from another person, and you can evaluate and choose the most appropriate methods of treating the laugh line based on this.

In the following, we discuss the most common and best methods of smile line treatment:

1- Improving the laugh line using Botox

As you know, by using Botox injection dubai you can control muscle movement. In fact, Botox gradually paralyzes the muscles over a period of one week after injection. This is the important use of Botox in beauty services!

When the muscles are paralyzed, it is not possible to contract them, and this causes skin wrinkles to improve. By using this method, laugh lines or frown lines are usually removed in about 6 months. Every six months, you need to re-inject Botox. In fact, Botox will have favorable results if it is injected by a specialist doctor.

2- Filling the laugh line using gel

Smile line filling is one of the successful ways to remove deep laugh lines on the skin. In fact, by using the gel, you can fill the depressions created on the skin and, as a result, remove skin wrinkles.

Using hyaluronic acid derivatives to remove skin wrinkles is the best way to remove laugh lines.

You can usually fix the beauty of your face by filling the laugh line. There are usually different brands of fillers in the market, and according to the budget and the type of gel, the expert doctor injects a special gel to remove the laugh line. The cost of gel injection varies according to the expertise and experience of the doctor.

3- Improving the laugh line using hyphotherapy

One of the methods of treating the laugh line is the use of hypotherapy. HIFU waves are one of the ways to remove laugh lines. Usually, hyphotherapy helps people to create a relative lift in different parts of the face by stimulating collagen production.

If hyphotherapy is performed by a specialist doctor and at the time of its performance, the skin wrinkle is moderate and not very advanced, you can use hyphotherapy to remove it.

Note that in case of unprofessional use of hyphotherapy, there is a risk of falling in the facial parts.

4- Eliminating the Smile line with thread lift

If you are a candidate for laugh line removal, you can use Smile line treatment methods. Using a thread lift dubai helps you to perform the thread lift operation in the most non-invasive way possible by pulling a part of the skin.

The duration of thread lift is different for each person; But it takes about three to six months for the effect of thread lift to disappear and the person will gradually see the Smile line again.

The cost of using Smile line treatment methods varies based on the doctor’s expertise and the type of material he uses to remove the Smile line. For such measures, be sure to consult a specialist and experienced doctor who has seen examples of laughing line removal in similar cases.

5- Improving the laugh line using PRP

As you know, it is common to use the PRP method to reduce skin wrinkles, remove skin spots and improve hair growth.

Usually, by using this method, it is possible to increase the blood supply to the target area and stimulate collagen formation there. However, the success rate of the PRP method among Smile line treatment methods is not very clear and definite. But PRP dubai can be used as one of the auxiliary methods during the treatment. Regarding the use of this method, you should consult a specialist doctor to make a decision about it.

6- Improving the laugh line using lift surgery

If you are also looking for a suitable method to fill the laugh line, you have definitely found different methods with certain durability. Meanwhile, lift surgery allows you to see the result of the surgery for a longer time.

Among all Smile line treatment methods, lift surgery is one of the most popular methods that you can use. However, you should consider that this surgery falls under the category of invasive cosmetic surgery. So, if you are not interested in using aggressive laugh line treatment methods, choosing this method is not recommended.

Who are the candidates for Smile line treatment methods?

By examining candidates for cosmetic services, you can determine whether you are the best person to try this treatment. Usually, people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their skin and are worried and uncomfortable when seeing the side lines of the lips, are the best candidates for using Smile line treatment methods.

People who have lost the beauty of their face due to the creation of such lines on their face are also candidates for using laugh line treatment methods. In general, most adults and over 30 years of age do not have any restrictions on using Smile line treatment methods.


If you’re always smiling and you’ve developed laugh lines over the years, you’re probably looking for smile line removal or fillers. By studying all the Smile line treatment methods, you can decide which one is the best for you. Using smile line filling methods, like cosmetic surgery methods, can help to remove the smile line.