Teeth whitening with composite

Teeth whitening with composite

Teeth whitening with composite: is it the best method for you? Are you planning to choose dental composite as a method to whiten your teeth?

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Do you think this method will be a suitable option for you? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of this method?
How long does it take to whiten teeth with composite?
In this article, we have presented effective information about the effect of composite veneers on teeth whitening.

What is teeth whitening with composite veneers?

teeth composite is a paste-like material that is made from synthetic resins by various companies. This material was previously used as a dental restorative to repair dental cavities.
Today, this tooth-colored material is used as a material to repair the appearance problems of the teeth, including their bad color.
The cheap price of composite, along with its other advantages, including good strength and resistance, as well as the ability to quickly install it on the teeth, has become one of the most popular methods for teeth whitening.

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Can you whiten your teeth with composite?

In order to know whether this method is the right option for you or not, the best solution is to consult a dentist in this field. Considering the condition and color of your teeth, the best method for teeth whitening will be chosen. In the composite method, it is necessary to apply a small amount of shavings on the teeth.
In some cases, the condition of your teeth is such that the dentist will not recommend this work and will suggest more non-invasive methods.
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How does composite whiten teeth?

The dentist places this material on the patient’s tooth and shapes it according to the shape of the tooth and tightens it in place using laser light.
Then he polishes it using special sandpapers so that it looks completely similar to the person’s natural teeth.
In fact, by covering the tooth, the composite covers its appearance defects, including its ugliness. This layer is very thin, and if the amount of ugliness and intensity of the tooth stains is high, it may not be able to provide adequate coverage, so in these cases, the dentist may scrape some of the surface of the tooth to remove some of its Discolouration. and can put a thicker layer of composite on it to create more coverage.

Advantages of teeth whitening with composite

In the following, we have briefly stated the advantages of teeth whitening with composite:

  1. Composite is a very fast way to whiten teeth.
  2. The cost of doing this method is very reasonable.
  3. The durability of teeth whitening using this method is 3 to 8 years.
  4. In case of dimming or partial color change, you can visit the dental clinic again for polishing or repair.
  5. By using composite, in addition to restoring the color of the teeth, other problems such as full lips or broken teeth can also be solved.
  6. Using these materials, people can choose the level of whiteness of their teeth according to their taste.

What is the price of teeth whitening with composite veneer?

Various factors play a role in determining the price of dental treatment and beauty services. In general, the price of composite is based on the number of dental units required, the tariff set by the dental clinic you visit, the type and brand, whether or not the treatment is covered by insurance, the city and region you live in, etc. . Determined.
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The difference between teeth whitening with composite and bleaching

If you want to know the differences between teeth bleaching and composite, we suggest you read the following article:

way to do :
Bleaching is a type of whitening agent that is placed on the patient’s teeth for a short period of time (based on the patient’s needs). This chemical substance penetrates the tooth tissue and by affecting its stains, it causes them to disappear.
On the other hand, composite is a paste-like material that is placed on the tooth as a thin layer and given shape and form using dental tools and then fixed in place with laser light.

Price :
These two methods are different in terms of price. Bleaching usually has a certain price. But the price of composite is usually determined based on the number of required units and some other factors. In general, it can be said that composite is a more expensive method.

Durability :
Bleaching does not last very long and its whitening effect usually lasts up to 6 months. But on the other hand, composite has an acceptable shelf life, and depending on the material used, the level of skill in its installation, as well as the care that the patient takes, it can last between 3 to 7 years or even longer.

Determination of tooth whiteness :
In tooth composite veneer, people can determine the level of whitening of their teeth during the color selection stage.
While this is not possible in bleaching.


How long does it take to whiten teeth with composite?

This method is usually performed in only 1-2 sessions. But if the person has problems such as tooth and gum diseases, because he must first treat and solve these problems, he needs more sessions.

Is it better to whiten teeth with bleaching or composite?

Deciding on choosing the best method among teeth whitening methods depends on many things, including the health of the teeth and gums, the type of tooth damage, the patient’s financial condition, etc., which requires consultation with a cosmetic dentist. Therefore, it is not possible to say for sure which method is better than the other.

How long does the whiteness of teeth remain with composite?

Maintaining the whiteness of dental composites depends on the level of care that the patient has in taking care of them. If the patient takes proper care of their composites, after 6 to 18 months they may need to do the first polishing to whiten and shine their composites again.

Is tooth enamel shaved to whiten teeth with composite?

Typically, the enamel is not shaved for composite installation, which is why this method is known as a minimally invasive procedure. It should be noted that in cases where the amount of discoloration and tooth stains are very severe and cannot be covered with a thin layer of composite, it may be necessary to shave a small amount of the tooth surface to place a thicker layer and create more coverage. .